Am I too soft or am I too strict?

Feb 01, 2022

Some parents are worried about being too strict and then they feel like they get trampled on.

Others worry they are being too harsh and wind up shouting, but they don’t like the atmosphere that shouting creates at home.

 So today I made a video for you about Positive Discipline.  It’s 2 minutes 11 seconds. 

I figured that any super-busy parent could spare that amount of time for 3 great tips.

If you are wondering about that term ‘Positive Discipline’, you aren’t the only one!
Or even if you do know the term, you’ll want to hear how you can be positive AND firm at the same time 😁
Here it is for you, hold on to your hat as I go fast 😁

If you'd like to learn more, grab the Positive Discipline, Finding the Balance mini course and in a short space of time, you’ll notice a BIG difference to how you respond to your child and how your child responds to  you.


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