Remember - there's a lot children can do for themselves!

Aug 09, 2022

Would you say you’re a ‘wrap them in cotton wool’ parent or a ‘let them run wild’? or maybe you’re somewhere in-between?

Is your child more naturally nervous and cautious or are they a fearless little dare-devil?

Children’s characters vary enormously

Some kids will say: ‘I’m doing it myself’
and others will say: ‘Mummy do it’ – this might also depend on the task in hand.

Whatever the character type, I HIGHLY recommend encouraging them to be independent from a very early age.

How we respond to them does have an impact on how independent our children are

To encourage and nurture their independence we can get them to do small things -

 Here are some examples:

  • Get them to put their nappy in the bin and dirty clothes in the basket,
  • Older children can learn to fold pyjamas and make their bed
  • Let them pour their own milk,
  • Encourage them to climb into the car seat.
  • Let them cut up fruit and vegetables - use a fairly blunt knife but still let them do it alone

It’s amazing what children can do with encouragement. 

If your child is starting school soon, good news! I’ve got a gift for you, it's a new booklet -

How to prepare your child for school

What’s in it?

10 great ways to get your child school-ready – this includes

  • Helping them to make friends
  • Managing morning mayhem
  • Saying goodbye

 and more..

Assuming school starts early September for you, this gives you time to slowly help your child adjust.

I remember so clearly going over my ‘How to make friends’ suggestions with my daughter Scarlett.

When I collected her on the first day of school, she bounced out saying “I did our thing mummy and I made a friend”

Grab the free guide How to Prepare Your Child for School and you'll learn how to do this. 

Let me know how you get on.


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