When all the hard work raising kids pays off

Apr 11, 2022

This week I went on a mini trip to Bristol with my youngest daughter Alice.

I suspect that you aren't yet at the stage where you can take off with one of your children and have a really easy time of it.

I want to let you know that your time will come.

Hold on in there. 

It really is true that the hard work pays off.

Invest in your relationship with your child and when they reach their teens, they will still want to spend time with you.

Now my kids might roll their eyes at me if I haven't heard of a celebrity.

They might moan and groan when I ask them to show me how to use the TV remote - why is it SO hard to simply watch TV these days?

When they show me something on their phones, they push the phone far too close to my eyes and have no comprehension that with age, our focal length gets SO much longer. 

However, despite all that, we can hang out really happily together which is SO great.

Bristol is a really great city, (I’m really a Londoner at heart but I can definitely see why people love living here).

So I thought I’d share with you 3 things we enjoyed about the trip…

  1. Getting the train. I’d always opt for a train rather than a car journey. We really enjoyed the train ride to Bristol. Getting our coffee at the station, buying us a couple of magazines to read and sitting peacefully side-by-side while flicking through 'Hello' and 'Cosmopolitan'.  Gone are the days when I had to chase a toddler up the aisle or figure out how to keep the noise down and not annoy the other passengers. As I said, your time will come!

  2. I’m a total foodie and we found a cute little café called Primrose Café for brunch. We both had smashed avocado on toast with poached egg. My daughter Alice used to turn up her nose at almost everything except Pizza and it's so satisfying to see how adventurous she is now - again - wait it out if you've got a kid who's fussy around food. (I stopped labelling her as a 'fussy eater' when I realised she wore it like a badge of honour)

  3. We wondered around the pretty streets of Clifton – going in and out of the little independent shops without her nagging at me for something or saying 'I'm bored' 
    We found an amazing perfume shop called Shy Mimosa.
    I’ve picked out the scent I want for my birthday (they do mail order). It’s called ‘La Dame Aux Camelia’ – funny coincidence.

So what else did I want to say?  I’m bursting to show you how to get your kids to listen to you without ever having to nag or shout.

I have a workshop on this exact subject.

Here are 3 reasons why I want you to sign up:

  1. You want to spend your time having fun with your kids, not nagging
  2. When kids are cooperative with us, we feel so much more confident and competent as parents.
  3. When the atmosphere at home is calmer and happier, kids thrive.


Here are the details:

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