I don’t want my child to turn out like me

Feb 15, 2022

‘How do I stop my child turning out like me?'

The nature:nurture debate has been going on a long time hasn’t it? 

Will my child be like me (or his dad) because of genes? 

 I think it's often in our minds, however, we know so much more about the neuroplasticity of the brain – ie it’s ability to grow and adapt according to our environment.  

Nothing is set in stone and we can help to mould our child’s natural temperament and characteristics and help to shape them to become confident adults with strong self-belief.  

 My parents didn’t know about any of this stuff. I suspect yours didn’t either. As an adult I did a lot of work on myself to let go of self-doubt and become more confident and resilient. It’s been so exciting to help shape my kids to grow into young adults with a really strong self-belief and an ability to bounce back.  

 This week I was interviewed by Sarah Almond Bushell, the Children’s nutritionist, on Instagram and she was asked this question to discuss with me:  

I really lack confidence and I don’t want my child to grow up like me. What can I do? 

Sarah asked me a few questions, but I edited out this bit to share with you because it’s such a crucial part of raising a child.

Click play above to find out my response and Sarah's fantastic contributions 

That's all from me today. 

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