What's a persistent child?

Jun 08, 2022

Here in the UK we just had a long Jubilee holiday weekend (Thursday and Friday were public holidays)

My eldest daughter (no 3 in the family) came back from 3 months in Thailand and Vietnam.


It’s so good to have her home.

She had taken the trouble to buy everyone in the family a present.

Isn’t that cute?

As I've said before - keep putting in the hard work raising your kids as it pays off and you reap the benefits!

Now for some of you having that long holiday weekend with your kids was stressful.

I’m hearing from parents that their kids squabbled, nagged for things and refused to go to bed.

They ended the 'break' feeling exhausted.

Here’s a question I got this week.

 My daughter is 5. She will NOT give up.

When she wants something, she goes on and on about it until I completely lose it.
What do I do?

I made you a 2 minute video to give you my suggestions – have a watch of it and let me know what you think.

In it I discuss why some children are prone to going on and on about things  

And what 3 things parents can do in response to this persistence.

When kids dig their heels in is often to do with mood swings. Click here to grab your free booklet '10 Mindful Ways to Manage your Child's Mood Swings' - it's got some great tips

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