When you just feel down in the dumps

Jun 17, 2022

I always encourage parents I work with to share the good and the bad.

Never to feel ashamed of not being on top form.

Be honest about how hard parenting and life can be at times.

I see myself as a positive person but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when I just feel down.

This week is one of them.

I went by myself to Paris this past weekend to celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of my goddaughter.

I had the most amazing time there, the party was such fun and my goddaughter read so beautifully from the Torah (the Hebrew scrolls).

Paris was sunny and I stayed on my own in a gorgeous hotel (my husband couldn’t make it). What heaven to have the bed to myself!

Since I got back two days ago I've just felt so down.

I can’t quite put a finger on why – it goes like that sometimes doesn’t it?

It’s the same with our kids – they have mood swings too (although their moods often manifest in tantrums and rudeness).

Mine has just been like that heavy feeling in your chest.

A lack of enthusiasm for life.

A lack of motivation to get on with work.

Do you get like this? If you do, reply to [email protected] and share it with me.

So what do I do to help lift me out of the doldrums?

Here are my 💡 5 Ways to Lift Yourself Out of a Funk (they don’t work immediately by the way, but they help!)

1. Reach out to a friend or trusted family member, no matter how low you feel or how ashamed you are about feeling low. Connection makes a HUGE difference and if they are a good friend, they’ll be compassionate, understanding, and glad you got in touch. (I did that one).

2. Either write down or make a list of things you are grateful for. There are so many things that we can take for granted, hot water, a comfy bed, food on the table, the fact that we have children (as so many aren’t able to), clean water to drink.. You get the idea. Small stuff that we can so easily dismiss.

3. Take a walk – with the beautiful weather we’ve got here in London, it is SO lovely to walk in the sunshine but even if you’ve got rain and cold, it’s still good to get outside.

4. Eat nourishing food. I get so tempted to reach for sugary foods when I feel low, yet I know it doesn’t help. I made a sweet potato curry last night and had enough for lunch today so that’ll be two healthy meals in two days.

5. Tell yourself: ‘This too will pass’. I know this mood won’t last and I’ll bounce back. It’s so easy when you are in it, to think that it’s permanent isn’t it?

So if you'd like a free booklet '10 Mindful Ways to Manage your Child's Tantrums and Mood Swings' Grab it here ​

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