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I always feel so guilty

mum guilt Sep 16, 2020


So many parents find themselves consumed by guilt. They often tell me they've felt guilty from pregnancy onwards 'Should I have had the odd glass of wine and soft cheese? Is that why my toddler is so aggressive?'

Do you find the minute you add ‘Should’ you back yourself into a corner?

I do

It’s everywhere – ‘I should be more patient’,  ‘I shouldn’t shout’,  ‘I should spend more time playing with my kids’

Then there are the shoulds about our child:
‘He shouldn’t watch so much TV’
'She should be potty trained by now'
‘She should just eat what’s there and not complain’
and we think ‘Nobody else has this problem. It must be because I’m a bad parent’ – and at that point we open the door and let guilt step right in.

Guilt is a terrible, useless emotion suffered by so many of us. I have spent many years working on myself to alleviate those awful...

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