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I don’t want my child to turn out like me raising a child's self-belief raising confident kids raising resilient kids raising strong kids Feb 15, 2022

‘How do I stop my child turning out like me?'

The nature:nurture debate has been going on a long time hasn’t it? 

Will my child be like me (or his dad) because of genes? 

 I think it's often in our minds, however, we know so much more about the neuroplasticity of the...

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Was this a huge mistake? helping kids take risks helping kis learn from mistakes independent kids raising confident kids raising resilient kids Sep 14, 2021

You know those weekends when you know you need to get out of the house, but nothing appeals?  

You’re exhausted.  

The kids are whining and squabbling  

And you can’t think of anything you much want to do.  

It was on just one of those Sundays not long after...

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