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Kids who speak up for themselves bullying compassionate parenting confident children confident kids emotional intelligence empowering kids gentle parenting giving kids a voice independent kids resilient kids standing up for yourself Mar 16, 2021

I felt a tap on the shoulder at school pick up

'Can I have a word Mrs McGill?'

My heart sank.

In these situations you know it can only be bad news and you immediately start to doubt your parenting abilities and blame yourself for whatever your child has got up to.

My son Nico's teacher...

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Raising strong kids compassionate parenting emotional intelligence gentle parenting helping kids with emotions kids being bullied raising resilient kids raising strong kids resilience resilient kids Mar 09, 2021

One day on the way back from nursery when my daughter was little, I sensed something wasn't right. We stopped to sit on a park bench and her eyes welled up with tears.

'Nobody would play with me today, they said I was a baby and couldn't join in their games'.

I felt a terrible stab in my heart...

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