Sibling Rivalry Resolved How to Manage Fights, Squabbles and Jealousy giving you Harmony at Home

Learn all the tools you need to build close sibling bonds and minimise fighting so you have a calm home life with kids who have strong relationships.

This is a 90 minute fast-paced workshop, available to watch on demand as many times as you'd like.

The workshop comes with a comprehensive manual with practical examples and expert advice to use a a reference guide and toolkit.

What People Are Saying:

We used to have miserable meals with the kids when they'd annoy each other and spoil the atmosphere. Since using all the tools I learnt from Camilla, we have fun dinners when we bond and listen to each other. Highly recommend this.

Lynda Enright

We were feeling really stuck our boys were constantly fighting and nothing we did seemed to work. It was such a relief to get a step-by-step approach that showed us how to get them to resolve their battles AND become much better friends too.

Tess Parsons-Broome

£39.00 GBP

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Want to discuss solutions that specifically help with your kids' squabbles? Book a 1:1 a power hour video consultation with Camilla and leave with a plan of action and some great strategies. An extra £149
The session is recorded and you are sent a summary and the recording after the session.

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