Get Your Child To Listen Mini Course - for a crazy low price!

Parenting coach Camilla McGill shows you how to get your child to listen without ever needing to nag or shout.

Mini video course and workbook

You'll learn the G.R.E.A.T method showing you how to:

  • Prepare your child ahead of time for something they might resist - like leaving for school or getting a vaccination.
  • Give your child clear, simple instructions that they want to follow, so getting them dressed becomes easy.
  • Stay calm and positive so you feel in charge and don't need to nag, meaning more time for the fun stuff.
  • Get your child to do what you've asked, straight away so you can leave the playground without a battle.

£14.99 GBP

Exclusive offer - get some extra help with your parenting for only £45

For a time-limited period to go with this mini course - throw in a 45 minute private video consultation with Camilla to get her practical tips and solutions to an issue you'd like help with.

For only £45