Introducing the Positive Discipline, Finding the Balance Mini-Course

Positive discipline allows you to parent with love AND have firm boundaries.

Introducing the  Positive Discipline, Finding the Balance Mini-Course

Positive discipline allows you to parent with love AND have
firm boundaries.

Is this familiar to you?

  • You feel drained by nagging your child over and over to do something whilst they ignore you.
  • You get frustrated when they just won't listen, so your mornings get off to a bad start.
  • You find yourself using threats just to get your child to bed.
  • You often wind up shouting and then regret it as your child winds up shouting back.
  • Your child doesn't take you seriously and it makes you feel powerless.
  • You want to have clearer rules and boundaries for a calmer house but you don't know how.

This 5 lesson video mini-course is for YOU if you want

  • To have clearer rules and boundaries so that your child knows where they stand.

  • To learn how to stay firm and stop giving in to avoid nagging or fights.

  • To be in charge AND be positive with it, as you know your child responds so well to that.
  • Your child to do what you asked straight away, so that you have more time for fun stuff. 

  • To raise your child without any need for 'harsh discipline' and have a relationship based on trust and respect.

  • To help your child be confident because you know that strong self-esteem helps them deal with life's knocks.


This course gave me such a great framework to have clearer boundaries for my kids but with a really positive way of keeping to them. I feel like a better mother now and my kids are so much easier. Don't hesitate to dive in and sign up!

Emilia Cavallo, mum to Jack 4 and Rosa 6

We were going round in circles with our toddler and so often we'd wind up shouting or threatening. The change was so fast once we'd learnt these simple tools from Camilla's course. Austin now gets dressed in record time and he's so proud of himself - boom! What a great result.

Andrea Morris, parent of Austin aged 4

We were having battles over getting dressed, turning off TV, leaving for nursery and our toddler was becoming more and more difficult to handle. Camilla’s course helped us come together and decide on what rules and boundaries we wanted and showed us how to enforce them positively. The difference has been amazing. Within a few days our house we stopped shouting, our house was calmer he became so much more cooperative!

Nicole and Oliver Style, parents of a baby and a toddler

Positive Discipline, Finding the Balance Mini-Course

In 5 short lessons, you'll learn how to be so much more positive 
AND get your child to do what you ask without a battle.

This course includes a manual to track your progress AND
specially-designed morning and evening check-lists your child will love.


Does your child over-react and dig their heels in? Do you worry about what's 'normal'?

In this lesson you will learn:

  • The power of a parenting approach with 'positive discipline'.
  • Discover the common challenges and frustrations other parents face - giving you reassurance that your child is 'normal'.
  • Take away 5 quick ways to be more positive and notice immediately how well your child responds.
  • Know how to get your child to pay attention to you, without ever raising your voice.


Do you sometimes feel so frustrated you wind up nagging and criticising? Do you want to be more positive but don't know how?

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Descriptive praise to get your child to listen to you and want to cooperate - ending morning mahyem and bedtime battles.
  • How to raise your child's self-esteem - a child that likes himself wants to behave well.
  • Simple ways to build closeness and connection with your child and tap into their desire to please you.


Have you steered away from having rules because you don't want to be the harsh disciplinarian? Do you find you are inconsistent with the rules you have so your children don't follow them?

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Figure out what rules you want for your family to make the day go more smoothly.
  • Decide on routines that help your kids feel secure.
  • How to establish a simple set of rules and routines that your kids are happy to stick to! Say goodbye to those 'groundhog day' battles.


Have you found yourself resorting to bribes? Do you feel like you give your child too much and they don't appreciate it?

In this lesson you will learn:

  • To pick simple no-cost rewards that kids love to earn - saving you money and time.
  • Set up a system for kids to 'earn' their rewards, teaching them great life-lessons.
  • How to give your kids a sense of pride and satisfaction - so great for their confidence. 
  • How to have your child appreciate what they've got.


Ever wondered how you can avoid any form of punishment and still have your child learn from their mistakes?

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to get your child to make amends and have a positive learning experience from making a mistake.
  • Help kids learn from mistakes without shame or guilt.
  • How to use positive consequences instead of punishment. 
  • How to avoid using any threats so children aren't afraid and they take you seriously.

Here's what parents are saying


Lisa Forsythe, mum of 1

Lisa Forsythe, a mum of a toddler and a teacher explains how this course gave her so much confidence and taught her so much.


Why Listen to Me?

Parenting expert and mum of 4

HI, I’m Camilla, 

I love children – guess that’s why I had so many! Yet I found it a real struggle too.  I don't know if you find this - you can be totally in love with your kids one moment and a nano second later you want to shake them? When my kids were little, I remember hiding in the toilet just to get away from the madness. Ever done that?

Deciding to get help was the best thing I ever did as I learnt how to get my kids to LISTEN to me (and a lot more). In fact I became so passionate about parenting that I trained to be a parent coach. So I've done the hard work for you as I've been at this for 20 years!

I suspect you’ve had thorough training for any other job you’ve done in your life EXCEPT being a parent?

Crazy isn’t it?

So I hope you’ll dive into this mini course to learn how to use positive discipline and get your kids to willingly do what you've asked!  

I’ve kept it simple for you in this course. Short and sweet, giving you huge value.


Are you ready to be positive and firm with your kids? 

Learn how to raise a cooperative child without any need for 'harsh discipline'. Get a clear system of rules and routines your kids will want to follow.

Avoid those daily battles that leave you feeling frustrated and disconnected from your child. Who hasn't had guilt or remorse after shouting? I'm excited to help you avoid those situations and have a happier, calmer family life.


£49 ($64)

Get learning right away!

  • 5 short video lessons to show you how to use 'positive discipline'.
  • Course manual to track your progress.
  • Morning and evening 'check' lists to motivate kids to follow your rules.
  • Unlimited access for you to review again.