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  • Are you confused about the best approach to take with potty training?
  • Have you made a stab at it and given up?
  • Maybe you are at your wits end and just can't figure out what to do next?
  • You've got pressure from your child's nursery and yet nothing seems to be working?
  • You feel like no matter what you do your child just won't cooperate?
  • I'm Camilla and I'm here to help! 

Get Personal Support and Reassurance with My Platinum Potty Training Package

Have you hit a wall with potty training? Feel like you've gone backwards or just never progressed and don't know what to do? Is your child refusing to go near the potty? Holding on to their wee or poo? Are you getting pressure from their pre-school? I'm here to help you put your struggles behind you and move onto the next phase in your child's life. Let me work with you personally to get the results you want. My Platinum package is for parents who want her tailored coaching and support to find reach their goals and have a happy potty trained child. You would be amazed how fast I can help you achieve this!

Get Set for Potty Training

Are you approaching potty training and want to give yourself a great head-start?
You've realised that preparation is the key to success and want to get ready with the right approach for you and your child.

Get my course - The Potty Preparation Plan. This is a training course delivered in 8 short, accessible, engaging lessons to teach you all you need to know to prepare for and succeed with potty training.

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Hi, I'm Camilla

I have researched, tested and refined my methods for potty training and have worked out a system that parents absolutely love and children respond to brilliantly.  Parents of more than one child will often tell you how different they all were when it came to potty training.  It is important therefore to know that there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach.  Whether you want to begin the process or have started and it didn't go to plan, I will teach you a failsafe method that gets the results you want. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I so often say to parents that parenting is THE hardest job in the world and the truth is that some children have more challenging temperaments than others.  We so often don't feel equipped to deal with them and that leaves us feeling powerless and deeply sad. Even if you have hit a wall with potty training, there are always solutions. Get in touch and Camilla can advise on the best next steps for you. 

If you are thinking of getting started I really recommend you invest in The Potty Preparation Plan. It gives you so many ideas and suggestions to set up for a successful journey with potty training

Each child is so different. Some take to it quickly and are reliably clean and dry within a couple of weeks of removing their nappy, others take longer. It has nothing to do with the child's intelligence. If you do your preparation properly potty training is usually quicker than you might have expected.

It is so much more to do with stage rather than age. You are looking at a number of factors - a child's emotional, physical and cognitive development combined are what contribute to their readiness. My methods are aimed at children from around 20/22 months to 3+. No parent should feel stressed or ashamed if their child is 3+. With the right approach it can be really fast to get them on board

""Camilla, I have to thank you for many things. Thanks to you my life has changed a lot. Life with my girls is a lot easier and every day I feel more proud to be their mum and more confident in confronting daily obstacles. I realised that with your programme, life is easier and I can say that I feel more relaxed facing situations that in the past used to terrify me. I will never forget the help that you have given me. With sincere gratitude, a very happy mother.""

Claudio Caro
Mother of two girls

""Following Camilla’s approach and preparing well, my son told me “ I don’t want to wear nappies anymore, I want to wear pants”. Day one of potty training we had a few accidents but by day two Alex was asking to use the potty. I couldn’t believe it!!! It has been such a positive experience since and he is so proud of himself. I sincerely would recommend Camilla and her approach, it has shown me that positive parenting is about empowering your child to reach their goals in a confident and positive way.""

Vinna Banwait
Mother of Alex

"I first attended Camilla's classes six years ago when my youngest children were three-year-old twins. I also had three older children. I actually thought I knew quite a lot about raising happy children as I had already been to another parenting course. Boy, was I wrong! Camilla taught me a huge amount, weaving her practical tips with her own experience and vast reading, as well as her innate wisdom and compassion to come up with wonderful solutions to the sort of challenges I was facing. In fact, I was so grateful to Camilla that our group of six mums continued working with her after we had completed our initial course for a further year as there was still more to learn! I would highly recommend her course to any parent, at any stage of their parenting life.""

Rachel Kelly
Writer and Mother of five

"I really value the sessions I had with Camilla. I came away with a toolbox which is useful in emergency situations and for those everyday issues that arise whilst bringing up children. Camilla imparted tips, gave out wisdom, was and is discreet, practical and non-judgemental. And when I remember her words of wisdom, my kids are way better off for them."

Allie Essiri
Writer, Mother of three

Krishna and Ketan Mistry

Krishna and Ketan discuss how their potty training experience with their three year old daughter was transformed after working with Camilla.

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