Why won't my child poo on a potty?

Camilla McGill has years of experience teaching parents a gentle effective way to potty train  children. She has produced a free booklet to explain why so many children are fearful or reluctant to poo on a potty. 

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""I can't believe what value I got from following Camilla's advice. I wish I'd found it before we launched into potty training as I would have avoided months of misery. Once we started the programme it was a matter of a few days to get my daughter confidently using the potty both at home and at daycare - we couldn't believe how well she responded. It has also given us a fantastic framework for better parenting.""

Maya Holland
Mother of a girl and a boy

"Well... you are a GENIUS!!! Honestly I’ve been following your advice and things almost instantly got better. Ellie responded really well to everything you suggested. We have had a completely dry week at nursery, two poos on the loo and one ‘accident’. But with no bribes and she now tells me when she needs the loo!!! She has only had a couple of poo accidents since we started the new techniques. I am just so grateful to you! I can’t believe that small changes have made so much difference. The best part is that I’m really starting to enjoy parenting again and enjoying Ellie more!"

Harriet Smith
Mother of two daughters

""We came to see Camilla in a terrible state regarding our second son who was having a really difficult time at nursery. He was constantly in trouble, the school seemed unable to cope with him and he would have terrible tantrums at home and at school. The relief in talking to Camilla was immense. She made us see that he wasn't a 'bad' boy, that he had so many wonderful qualities to nurture and through some new techniques of being more positive, firmer and more consistent we were able to have a fantastic impact on him. He became more confident, more able to express himself and so much calmer. I really recommend anyone to see Camilla.""

Isabel Rodriguez
Mother of four boys

""Working with Camilla gave me the additional tools and knowledge to equip myself to become a stronger and more dedicated parent to my daughters. I feel more confident, more patient and more understanding of them.""

Melissa Johnson
Account manager

Hi, I'm Camilla

I am passionate about working with parents to be the best that they can be. I have worked with thousands of parents over 20 years and love helping people work through the inevitable tests and pitfalls that come along the way.  

Please download my Prepare for Potty Training booklet and get this important stage sorted.

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Get some ideas and support for the frustrations of potty training

"Camilla, I have to thank you for many things. Thanks to you my life has changed a lot. Life with my girls is a lot easier and every day I feel more proud to be their mum and more confident in confronting daily obstacles. I realised that with your programme, life is easier and I can say that I feel more relaxed facing situations that in the past used to terrify me. I will never forget the help that you have given me. With sincere gratitude, a very happy mother."

Claudio Caro
Mother of two girls

"Following Camilla’s approach and preparing well, my son told me “ I don’t want to wear nappies anymore, I want to wear pants”. Day one of potty training we had a few accidents but by day two Alex was asking to use the potty. I couldn’t believe it!!! It has been such a positive experience since and he is so proud of himself. I sincerely would recommend Camilla and her approach, it has shown me that positive parenting is about empowering your child to reach their goals in a confident and positive way."

Vinna Banwait
Mother of Alex

"I attended Camilla's classes when my youngest children were three-year-old twins. I also had three older children. I actually thought I knew quite a lot about raising happy children as I had already been to another parenting course. Boy, was I wrong! Camilla taught me a huge amount, weaving her practical tips with her own experience and vast reading, as well as her innate wisdom and compassion to come up with wonderful solutions to the sort of challenges I was facing. In fact, I was so grateful to Camilla I would highly recommend her to any parent, at any stage of their parenting life."

Rachel Kelly
Writer and Mother of five

"Otto knew that he was the last one in his pre-school class to be potty trained and as a result he had low self-esteem, especially when the other kids teased him about it. Before finding Potty Success Academy we were at a total loss for what to do to help him and we felt hopeless. Camilla’s support has been a total God send. Otto’s so proud of himself now, it was poop that he had the biggest struggle with and he's nailing it now! He has new found confidence that he can do hard things and that he's capable."

Chrissy Allison
Teacher, Mother of Otto and Livvy

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