Calling All Parents of Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers!


In this free online event, I will share with you three secrets that you can apply immediately to take the stress out of potty training.  You may well have started  and hit problems. You are not alone. Potty training is complex and some children find it much harder than others.

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In This Workshop You Will Learn:


Potty Training Through Collaboration

If you are parent who aspires to a gentle, nurturing parenting style looking to approach potty training with ease and confidence then you'll love to hear how potty training through collaboration can be achieved.


How To Figure Out The Best Approach For Your Child

Children can be complex and puzzling. Learn how to tailor your approach to suit your child.


How To Get Your Child Motivated And On-Board

Learn the simple hacks to get your child keen and on side.



The Best Way To Create The Perfect Potty Training Partnership

Learn how to work together through the ups and downs of potty training and get the results you want.


""My partner and I thought we were ready to tackle potty training. We absorbed as much information and guidance as we could given our demanding jobs. What began as a slow burn with modest gains was quickly undermined by suffering - our little one began was so unhappy. She was scared and we were at a loss. Thankfully we found Camilla just in time. Within the first conversation, Camilla put us at ease. She offered invaluable insight and helped get us on the right track immediately. Camilla has earned our highest endorsement." "

David Haines

""We got in touch with Camilla as our daughter had regressed with toilet training despite being fully trained a few months earlier. We found her very easy to talk to and full of ideas of help. Some seemed obvious but needed Camilla to point them out to us, and some were completely new to us. We tried them the next day and have not had any toilet issues since! ""


""I sincerely would recommend Camilla and her approach, she has shown me that positive parenting is about empowering your child to reach their goals in a confident and positive way""

Vinna Banwait
Mother of Alex

""We were amazed that the first few days after having these conversations Rosie had no accidents. In the first few weeks we had some days with one accident but many more with no accidents at all. Rosie not only went to the toilet when we asked her to try, but also told us when she needed to go, and even held it if we were out and needed to find a toilet. We couldn’t believe we would have such success so quickly! We are so grateful to Camilla for all her help""

Fiona and James
Job Title

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the workshop will last for about an hour, and I will go through some key pointers, tips and strategies. At the end of the workshop I tell you about a longer more in-depth programme that you might be interested in. 

It can be so hard when you feel like you've tried everything and nothing is working. In this workshop you will get some ideas and inspiration.  You will also learn about a longer much more in-depth course I offer called Potty Success Academy which gives you all the tools and information to solve the most difficult of problems and get a happy, potty-trained child.

Yes, we keep a Chat sidebar, and I try to get round to everyone's individual questions.

You will get great value from the class and at the end I will introduce you to my course, Potty Success Academy. The course goes into much greater depth, and gives you the full roadmap to Potty Training and much more!

Potty training without tears and frustration is within your reach

Whether you've been waiting to know when is the right time to start or have been struggling on with very few gains, the road to successful potty training can start right now!

Join me to learn the 3 secrets to successful potty training

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Register for my free class today - slots are limited so strike while the iron is hot!

The four most common reasons why parents struggle with potty training:

  • You don’t know how to work out if your child is ready and you feel really confused about it
  • You haven’t got a roadmap so you delay starting or you've stopped and started a number of times and feel very nervous about having another go.
  • You know you aren't approaching it in the right way and you feel stuck.
  • ​You have a specific problem and you have not been able to solve it. Maybe your child hides to poo, holds it in for ages, runs off as soon as you get near the potty and you are at the end of your tether losing your patience. 
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A Note From Instructor...

I’m Camilla McGill, a mother of 4 with 20 years experience working with parents. I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt from helping so many parents successfully potty train.  Using a mindful, step-by-step implementation programme I will not only teach you potty training but also a collaborative parenting approach that engages your child in the process. 

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Register for my free class today - slots are limited so strike while the iron is hot!