Is being a parent a tougher job than you ever imagined?


The Secrets To Managing Tantrums, Meltdowns and Misbehaviour

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In This Masterclass You Will Learn 4 Strategies to Get BIG Results:


How making small changes to your parenting gets BIG results

Even mums and dads with a gentle, nurturing parenting style often feel at a loss about how to handle their child.


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How to get your child to listen to you

Learn how to encourage the positives and avoid the nagging, shouting, and repeating yourself that makes you feel miserable.



The secret to get kids to stop misbehaving and actually do what you've asked!

Whether it's refusing to get dressed or tidy their toys, or running off when it is time to leave the park, parents spend so much avoidable time and emotional energy dealing with these situations. I'll show you how to avoid this. 


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The best way to create closeness with your child to help them to stay calm and stop over-reacting.

Whilst we don't get to pick the temperament of our child, we do have the ability and responsibility to bring out the best in them. 


"Camilla has seen it all and is hugely sympathetic to our parenting woes. She provided a lot of reassurance that I wasn't doing it wrong, but gently redirected my efforts. I became better at trying to see things from a child's perspective and adjust my communication style to be more effective with the kids. I’ve been giving my kids much better quality attention and am so much more able to turn things around if we are having a bad day. Great set of tools! I highly recommend her course."

Sarah Mellor
Mum of 2 and stylist

"We were having such a difficult time with our daughter, aged 6. She was refusing to do what we'd asked, she had constant tantrums, and our house was a battle ground. We were just not enjoying being parents, and we felt so guilty about it. Investing in working with Camilla was the best decision we've ever made. We got simple strategies to change our approach, and we learnt so many better ways to respond to her. We can't believe the difference it made. She's now a MUCH happier child, and we have a much happier family life. "

Mellissa Denham
Mother of 2 and hairstylist

"I sincerely would recommend Camilla and her approach. I wanted help from someone who is non-judgmental and down-to-earth. She has shown me that positive parenting is about changing your approach and really understanding your child. I learnt how to listen to my son and understand his emotions. He is now so much more confident, and so am I!"

Vinna Banwait
Mother of Alex and teacher

"We found that parenting Olivia was really pretty easy, bar the odd moment. Therefore we were so taken aback when our son Jack came along. He was so much harder to manage. Really temperamental and had massive mood-swings. Camilla absolutely knows what she's talking about when she says you learn how to "bring out the best in your child." That is exactly what we did, and I can't believe how much happier he is now. He's so much easier to be around."

Fiona and James
Parents of Jack and Olivia

I need this!

Go for it! Reserve your seat in my free class today!

The four most common reasons parents struggle with their kids

  • You feel powerless when they don't listen.
  • You are rushed and just don't feel like you have the time or patience to learn to respond better.
  • Your kids don't come with a manual and you can't work out how to deal with the mood-swings and unpredictable behaviour!
  • ​You haven't yet found someone who speaks your language and helps you parent in the way you want to parent.

I need this!

Go for it! Reserve your seat in my free class today!

A Note From Camilla...

I’m Camilla McGill, a mother of 4 with 20 years' experience working with parents. 

I am crazy about my cat, Molly, who has a miraculous way of calming me down whenever I'm intensely irritated by my teenagers!

But I've learnt you don't need a cat — you just need tried-and-tested, well-researched tools and techniques. I'm passionate about sharing them with parents.

I've worked with 1000s of parents over the years, and I have been privileged to help them transform their family life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it's totally free. The class will last for about an hour, and I'll go through key pointers, tips, and strategies. I'll also tell you how to take things further with my comprehensive online course.

Yes, we keep a Chat sidebar, and I try to get round to everyone's individual questions.

You will get great value from the class, and at the end I will introduce you to my course, The Tantrum Taming Toolkit. The course goes into much greater depth than I can in the class, and it gives you the full roadmap to compassionate parenting and creating a much happier, calmer, and easier family life.

Strike while the iron is hot. Reserve your seat in my free class today!

A few words of welcome from Camilla