Do the battles, meltdowns, and negotiations with your kids exhaust you?

Do you want to parent in a different, better way?

The Tantrum Taming Toolkit

Compassionate solutions for managing misbehaviour to bring out the best in your child.

This unique course shows you how to become the consistent, calm parent you're meant to be.

Who is this programme for?

This program is for loving and devoted parents who feel worn down by the grind of parenting.

You're ready for change.


This program is for you if...

  • You just cannot work out how to avoid your child's unpredictable meltdowns.
  • Sometimes you resort to shouting and threats, then feel terribly guilty.
  • You know you need boundaries for your child, but you can't seem to keep them.
  • You worry you aren’t getting the balance right — one day you're too soft and the next day too strict.
  • You often forget to take care of your own mental and physical health.
  • You don't have major problems now, but you want to be prepared.
  • You are certain about what you do want: a close, loving relationship with your child, with mutual respect.


Then you're in the right place.

The Tantrum Taming Toolkit will equip you with the tools, knowledge, inspiration, and support to create a happier, calmer home.

By the end of the programme you will have the skills to:

  1. Understand and avoid your child's triggers for misbehaviour.
  2. Respond compassionately when your child is being difficult.
  3. Teach your child to make amends when they've done something wrong.
  4. Experience fewer tantrums after teaching your child to regulate their emotions.
  5. Stop shouting and nagging to get your child to do what you've asked.
  6. Stay calm yourself and pick the best way to react when your child has a meltdown.
  7. Use positive discipline and firm boundaries, which make your child feel secure. 
  8. Increase your child’s self-esteem and empathy for others.
  9. Set rules and routines your child will love to follow.
  10. Have a deeper connection and mutual respect with your child.
  11. See massive improvement in how your child behaves.
  12. Experience happier and more harmonious family life.
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"We are a changed family..."

Sabrina and Peter, both doctors

"We are so thankful we invested in The Tantrum Taming Toolkit. Things beforehand were so stressful, and our kids were not happy. We have sorted out our rules at home and got so much better at managing the mornings, amongst other improvements. 

It is amazing how we've gone from being a 'shouty' household to one where we are actually having a nice time and laughing so much more.

We never thought this would be possible."


Jane, teacher and mother of a boy and girl

"My husband and I decided take Camilla's Premium Support Package, as we were having such a difficult time with our son. We could not handle his behaviour and that affected our day-to-day life and was making everyone so miserable.

Camilla listened to our stories very carefully and was able to understand the real issues of his behaviour. She was really supportive and was able to give us some very effective tools for how to handle him so much better.

We are now a changed family. My husband and I really needed someone like Camilla. She is objective, understanding, and her great expertise in the parenting field meant she could guide us through a tricky time with our children."


Emma Freud and Richard Curtis, parents of four

"It was extraordinary how much of a difference Camilla made to our family. She was empathetic, understood our concerns, and was spot-on with her advice. Things began to change within our home immediately.

I highly recommend her for any worries to do with parenting."


Sarah Mellor, designer and mother of 2

"Camilla has seen it all and is hugely sympathetic to our parenting woes. She provided a lot of reassurance that I wasn't doing it 'wrong' but gently redirected my efforts to become better at seeing things from a child's perspective and to adjust my communication style to be more effective with the kids.

I’ve been giving my kids much better quality attention and am so much more able to turn things around if we are having a bad day. Great set of tools! I highly recommend her course."

The Tantrum Taming Toolkit


Module 1:
Mindful parenting

  • Learn the huge benefits of caring for yourself first.
  • Gain mindset shifts for a dramatically positive effect on your parenting.
  • Understand the range of normal behaviour.
  • Recognize your child's temperament and how it affects your parenting.


Module 2:
Strategies for misbehaviour and tantrums

  • Avoiding, handling, and recovering from tantrums.
  • Responding in the meltdown moments. 
  • The best way to react to aid recovery and learning.
  • How NOT to respond when things get tricky.
  • Helping children take responsibility for their mistakes.


Module 3:
Bringing out the best in your child

  • How to empathize with your child's feelings to reduce conflict and increase cooperation.
  • The secrets to transforming behaviour through descriptive praise.
  • How to consistently catch the good behaviours.
  • Develop your child to be flexible, confident, cooperative, aware of their feelings, and less reactive.



Module 4:
Systems for keeping you sane

  • Routines for a calmer household without nagging and reminding.
  • How to use systems, rules, and boundaries to give your child security and reduce resistance.
  • The G.R.E.A.T. method for encouraging good behaviour.
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Camilla explains how it works

The Tantrum Taming Toolkit

Compassionate solutions for managing misbehaviour

When you enroll during this special limited time period, you’ll get...

  • The Tantrum Taming Toolkit modules. These 4 comprehensive modules will give you the tools for staying calm, managing misbehaviour, bringing out the best in your child, and keeping a calmer household.
  • The Course Workbook. A manual to track your progress and results.
  • Expert interview with Emma Shapero, child psychotherapist. Emma provides reassurance and a better understanding of children’s behaviour, as well as her expert opinion on the best approach to those challenging moments.
  • Comprehensive booklets for later reference.

Value: £700

You'll also get these bonuses:

Bonus 1. The Tantrum Taming Toolkit in action.

4 live group coaching sessions with Camilla, via Zoom.

You’ll deepen your learning, get your questions answered, and feel so reassured to hear other parents share. You'll find out the common issues that other parents experience and get a whole range of solutions.

Parents leave the group coaching sessions feeling even more inspired to take action on what they learn in the modules.

Bonus 2. Tantrum Taming Toolkit exclusive members Facebook group.

8 weeks of additional support from the community and Camilla. The chance to cheer each other on and share tips and ideas.

Bonus 3. The perfect way to reduce stress.

Peel away those layers of stress with expert meditation teacher Lauren Bear, who has recorded a special meditation audio for parents.

Total value, including bonuses: £1100

Today’s introductory price: £247

Standard Package

£247 / £95 for 3 monthly payments

Tantrum Taming Toolkit Standard

  • Lifelong access to the Tantrum Taming Toolkit
  • Full workbook
  • Tantrum Toolkit in Action (4 group coaching calls)
  • Membership in exclusive Facebook group with Camilla and other parents
  • Stress reducing meditation
  • Psychotherapist interview
  • All the tools you need to transform your parenting
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Premium Package

£695 / £257 for 3 monthly payments

Tantrum Taming Toolkit + Personalized Support

  • Everything included in the Standard Package, plus:   
  • 3 one-on-one video calls with Camilla for personalized support and solutions. The first session is 90 minutes, followed by 2 one-hour sessions.
  • Expert analysis of your specific situation.
  • Unlimited email support between the 3 sessions, for encouragement and extra tips and solutions.
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Payment Options

TTT Standard Package — Pay in full
TTT Premium Package — Pay in full
TTT Standard Package — Split payments
TTT Premium Package — Split payments
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A word from Camilla

I personally can’t wait to for you to join me and to give you support.

Having had really challenging experiences with my own children, I totally understand how it feels to be that parent. You feel such a mix of emotions – helpless, frustrated, angry, disappointed in yourself, embarrassed, guilty, stuck…

You worry, "If they're like this now, what will the next 10 years be like? What kind of adult will they become?"

Parents like my honesty and non-judgemental approach. They say I am down-to-earth and empathetic. I believe, as a parent, that's the kind of support you need!

I can honestly say, from the 1000s of parents I’ve helped and from my personal experience, that these tools are gold. They are simple to learn, easy to put into practice, and so effective.

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Mellissa Denham, mum of two,

talks about the positive changes she experienced from the programme.

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Jill and Andrew, parents of two boys,

tell you how much my programme changed things for them at home.

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Kirsty, mother of two,

describes how the course gave her the tools to deal with her daughter's jealousy toward her younger brother.

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We believe this is the finest program of its kind. We back it with a full, 14-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program. The 14 days commence once you start the course.

 No quibbles.

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Doors closing on the Tantrum Taming Toolkit at Midnight Monday 1st March