Here's how to end power struggles, connect with your child and keep your cool.


The Tantrum Taming Toolkit

For parents who want to raise children with compassion and boundaries

This unique course shows you how to become the consistent, calm parent you're meant to be.

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Does this sound like you? It has certainly been me at times!

  • You can't get your child to listen to you and eventually you shout and really regret it.
  • You just cannot work out how to avoid those unpredictable tantrums and you feel like you walk on eggshells.
  • You want to stay calm but  when you've been nagged over and over for ice cream, you wind up totally blowing your top.
  • You know you need boundaries for your child, but you ping to the 'anything for a quiet life' school of parenting when they ask for 'just one more coookie'.
  • You use threats that you and your child know are hollow -  'I'm going to give all your toys away' probably isn't something you'll follow through on!
  • You are crazy-busy, feel worn out and never give yourself permission to 'look after number one'  
  • You don't have major problems now, but you don't want to leave it to chance for the future.
  • You are certain about what you do want: a close, loving relationship with your child, with mutual respect and boundaries.

Me and my partner did the course which included 4 Zoom sessions and 4 short modules. We watched the modules snuggled up on the sofa spread over a few evenings and joined the 4 group zooms. I am delighted with the input it has had to our lives. I wasn't sure if I 'needed it' as things weren't so bad at home, but it was so incredibly valuable. It gave us consistency and unity and it also made me feel so loving towards my partner, watching him implement lots of the tools Camilla taught us. Her moto is POUR LOVE ON IT! What a beautiful moto for parenting! Kimberley Newell, mum of 2 boys

Please be reassured you aren't alone!

Raising children is one of the most challenging roles we will ever take on in life, and we don't get trained for it! I suspect, like. so many parents, you often feel so guilty; you love your child(ren) deeply and want to have a calm home life without battles. You want to work out how to avoid nagging, shouting and threatening. Maybe you watch your child have a tantrum knowing they are suffering but you feel at a loss to know how to help?

Well, you're in the right place.

The Tantrum Taming Toolkit is an investment for life to equip you with the tools, knowledge, inspiration, and support to create a happier, calmer home and have children who want to please you and are much less prone to having a meltdown over the wrong coloured cup.

Imagine you could

Leave the house on time, without a battle

Learn how to  have your child happily follow your rules and routines, even when they don't feel like it, without ever having to raise your voice or resort to threats or bribes.

Avoid or shorten tantrums and meltdowns

Learn the neuroscience behind tantrums and challenging behaviour so you can compassionately help your child to be more emotionally balanced. Give your child vocabulary for their emotions and permission to express them verbally, which is a gift for life

Get your child to listen and do what you asked

When you deeply embed the tools to build closeness and mutual respect, you'll be amazed how much more cooperative children become and how much calmer you feel as a parent.

Join the 1000's of parents who want  to avoid repeating patterns from their upbringing and for their children to thrive in an emotionally supportive, confidence-building, calm, loving home environment.

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The Tantrum Taming Toolkit

For parents who want to raise children with compassion and boundaries 

When you enroll during this special limited time period, you’ll get...

  • The Tantrum Taming Toolkit modules. These 4 comprehensive modules will give you the tools to become the confident parent you always wanted to be, to stay calm, avoid power-struggles and set your child up for a successful future.
  • Demonstration role-plays to show how engage in a more positive way to handle and recover from those difficult moments and build closeness with your child.
  • The Course Workbook. A comprehensive manual to track your progress and results.
  • Expert interview with Emma Shapero, child psychotherapist. Emma provides reassurance and a better understanding of children’s behaviour, as well as her expert opinion on the best approach to those challenging moments.
  • Comprehensive booklets to print out and learn from.
  • Plus more.....

For proactive parents who are ready to learn more

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I would recommend the Tantrum Taming Toolkit without hesitation. It has really helped improve our understanding of our toddler and his behaviour. Our quality of life has improved enormously as a family. I no longer feel anxious about going out with my son, which is truly life changing. Now it sometimes breaks my heart to see another parent responding to their child's behaviour like I used to, knowing that like me, they probably just don't know what else to do. I'd like to have the courage to go up to them and recommend this course or to follow Camilla on Instagram!
Jillian Kee, mother of 2

By the end of the programme you will have the skills to:

  • Understand and avoid your child's triggers for misbehaviour.

  • Respond compassionately when your child is having a problem.

  • Teach your child to make amends and take responsibility when they've done something wrong.

  • Experience fewer tantrums after teaching your child how to regulate their emotions.

  • Stop shouting and nagging to get your child to do what you've asked.

  • Stay calm yourself and pick the best way to react when your child has a meltdown.
  • Use positive discipline and firm boundaries, which puts you in charge and makes your child feel secure. 

  • Increase your child’s self-esteem and empathy for others.

  • Set rules and routines your child will love to follow.

  • Understand children's emotions and have a deeper connection and mutual respect with your child.

  • See massive improvement in how your child behaves.

  • Experience happier and more harmonious family life.

A word from Camilla

If you met me, you might think I’m very chilled and calm. Actually, by nature I’m really not, the red mist can come down and steam can come out of my ears. But I have learnt the right methods, tools and processes I need to stay calm and connected with my kids.  I've had loads of really challenging experiences with my four children and I totally understand how it feels to be a parent with a huge mix of emotions – helpless, frustrated, angry, disappointed in yourself, embarrassed, guilty, stuck…as well as loving, kind and totally devoted. 

When things are going badly you lie awake worrying, "If they're like this now, what will the next 10 years be like? What kind of teenage battles will I be having?"

I believe that as a parent you need support that is non-judgemental and encouraging - who wants to feel more guilt? 

I always say is that no matter what your temperament is, or how you were raised, parenting is a skill that you can learn.  Just like any other job you’ve had in your life, when you get proper training, it is so much easier!

I've been a parent educator for over 20 years and a mother for 23 years. Now my kids are grown up, I am reaping the benefits as they have turned out pretty well!:)

So I bring you evidence-based, researched, tried-and-tested parenting methods, tools and techniques to transform your family life.

I personally can’t wait to for you to join me in this programme.

Here is the breakdown

Mindful parenting

  • Learn how to positively impact your parenting by caring for yourself first.
  • Gain mindset shifts for a dramatically positive effect on your parenting.
  • Gain understanding and a sense of relief by knowing the range of normal behaviour.
  • Recognise your child's temperament and learn to adapt your parenting accordingly.

Strategies for misbehaviour and tantrums

  • Avoiding, handling, and recovering from tantrums.
  • Responding in the meltdown moments. 
  • The best way to react to aid recovery and learning.
  • How NOT to respond when things get tricky.
  • Helping children take responsibility for their mistakes.

Encouraging positive behaviour and raising self-esteem

  • How to empathize with your child's feelings to reduce conflict and increase cooperation.
  • The secrets to transforming behaviour through descriptive praise.
  • How to consistently reinforce the good behaviours.
  • Develop your child's flexibility, confidence, cooperation, awareness of their feelings, and help them be less reactive.

Positive Discipline and Systems for keeping you sane

  • Routines for a calmer household without nagging and reminding.
  • Positive discipline with rules, rewards and consequences. Create firm boundaries for your child's security and to reduce resistance.
  • Plan for success with the G.R.E.A.T. method for encouraging good behaviour.

Plus you get these Bonuses

Bonus 1. The Tantrum Taming Toolkit in action.

4 live group coaching sessions with Camilla, via Zoom.

You’ll go over information in the modules and deepen your learning, get your questions answered, and feel so reassured to share with other parents. You'll find out the common issues that other parents experience and get a whole range of solutions.

Parents leave the group coaching sessions feeling even more inspired to take action on what they learn in the modules

Bonus 2. Tantrum Taming Toolkit exclusive members Facebook group.

6 weeks of additional support from the community and Camilla. The chance to cheer each other on and share tips and ideas.

Bonus 3. The most effective way to reduce stress.

Meditation mini-course. Peel away those layers of stress with expert meditation teacher Lauren Bear, who explains all the benefits of meditation and gives a special meditation audio for parents.

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Here’s Why You'll Love The Tantrum Taming Toolkit

The programme is released week-by-week so that you don't get overwhelmed and can take your time over watching each module. The modules are approx 1 hour in 5-10 minute segments. After 4 weeks you have life time access to go back and review it.

Participating gives you a huge boost of confidence which parents find so helpful.


Raising kids can feel like a really lonely job especially when things are difficult . We are prone to self-doubt and beating ourselves up for not being a good enough parent.

You will figure out the type of parent you want to be and gain the tools and mindset shifts to uphold your family values.


The extra support and coaching from Camilla within the weekly group zoom calls and in the facebook group gives you the chance to ask those burning questions and find extra solutions for your specific situation.

You'll meet like-minded parents which makes you feel hugely reassured and motivated and you'll get lots of ideas and solutions from them.


Parenting is a long-term commitment and as you have life-long access to go over the programme, you will find that as things change and you are faced with new challenging situations. you will want to refresh your memory and get all the updates to the programme that Camilla makes

This is for you if

  • You are loving and devoted parent and you are excited to learn new and better ways of parenting.

  • You're ready for change.

  • You know you want to parent with compassion and boundaries but you need to know how.
  • You want to raise a child who is emotionally balanced, confident and considerate of others.
  • You don't want to repeat unhealthy patterns from your childhood.
  • You want a programme that brings you and your partner together with your approach.

This is not for you if:

  • You want to authoritarian, strict parenting methods.
  • You're convinced you are too busy to take action and learn a different approach.
  • A compassionate approach to parenting with clear boundaries doesn't appeal to you.

Here's what other parents are saying

I hit the wall with my two year old daughter who was being so defiant. I truly felt hopeless and terrible and all I could think of is I am a failure as a mum who doesn’t know her daughter well and can’t connect to her to know what her needs are and where I need to change my approach.

Thank goodness I came across the free Webinar that Camilla was doing on tantrums and I decided to dig deeper and sign up for her whole program Tantrum Taming Toolkit. It has helped me a great deal to shift my parenting approach and apply some tools from the program and voila, things with my daughter are so much better. I would not be able to manage this quickly the results of it wasn’t for Camilla’s years of experience in parenting. All I can say if you feel you are stuck don’t think twice invest in something that will help your family to feel more connected and able to address some issues in a much calmer way. The results are just amazing. It does take some work without a doubt but the tools in the program helped me and my family so much.

Our 3 year old was very hard to handle and my husband and I would often wind up shouting which we all hated. It made his behaviour worse and us feel guilty. We were at the end of our tether.

I heard about Camilla’s course and I am So pleased we went for it. Using the tools she taught has been a game changer. Our little boy will now brush his teeth, get dressed and leave the house without a fuss and he’s so proud of himself

We can’t thank Camilla enough for providing us with these lifelong tools, which I can see will help at every stage of parenting. 

Tessa and Miles Parsons-Broome

I wasn't sure we had enough problems with our son to justify the investment in the programme. But I also recognized that I wanted to be a better parent and I knew the course would focus on teaching compassion and empathy. I could see those skills helping me for years down the road so I decided to jump in.
I’m so thankful I joined because what I learned went way beyond my son's behavior. I learned to have more fun with him because I knew better ways to respond when we got grumpy with each other. I yell or get annoyed a lot less often. He gained a lot of confidence in himself and is now so eager to show me all the good things he does (like putting away his shoes, picking up his snack, getting dressed on his own). He also demands my attention less and plays by himself more often, which I had been working on for years with little success. 

Andrea Morris

Never be shy to ask a question!

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Testimonials from Parents

Below are short video testimonials from Andrea, Becky, Jill & Andrew, Kirsty and Tara- do take. a look


You don't get a second chance at raising a child

Our children are growing up in a challenging environment and we need to equip them with a strong foundation to be able to thrive in this world. It is both a huge responsibility and a total privilege to raise a child so I want to urge you to get the best tools and support you can find to create a calm, happy positive family life with confident, cooperative and motivated children.