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Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world and yet we don't get trained to do it!

I have 20 years experience working with parents and am passionate about helping parents overcome struggles and create a calmer, happier, easier family life.

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Potty Train with ease

Get complete support for potty training with Camilla's comprehensive online programme combined with coaching calls.

Some children find potty training really hard, it is no reflection on them or the parents. I'm here to help get you past all the struggles, for you to feel calm and confident and your child to be happily potty trained.

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 Tantrum Taming Toolkit

If you are dealing with any kind of 'challenging behaviour' such as tantrums, rudeness, refusal to do what you've asked or simply not listening to you, then you'll love my online programme.

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Maybe you aren't sure what package is right for you? Why not kick off with a private session with Camilla to get some fresh ideas and quick wins?

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Jill and Andrew, parents of two boys aged 3 & 6 years describe the value they got from working with me


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Sarah Mellor

Camilla has seen it all and is hugely sympathetic to all parenting woes. She provides a lot of reassurance that you aren't 'doing it wrong', but gently redirects your efforts to become better at trying to see things from a child's perspective and adjust your communication style to be more effective with the kids.  I’ve been giving my kids much better quality attention and am so much more able to turn things around if we are having a bad day.

Caryn McMullen

Camilla, I feel like you are my parenting guardian angel!! Honestly. My favourite thing about you is how calm you are, I really wanted to say thank you for putting me at ease and for your positive approach to potty training. I’m feeling much more confident now. I wanted to let you know that we are on day 3 with potty training and Seb smashed it. Thank you so much for the support, not just on potty training but on sooo many things, you’ve been more help than you know.

Mellissa Denham

We were having such a difficult time with our daughter aged 6. She was refusing to do what we'd asked, she had constant tantrums and our house was a battle ground. We were just not enjoying be parents and we felt so guilty about it. Investing in working with Camilla was the best decision we've ever made. We got simple strategies to change our approach and we learnt so many better ways to respond to her. We can't believe the difference it made, she's now a MUCH happier child and we have a much happier family life. 

I'm Camilla

I teach loving, committed parents how to use compassionate parenting methods to deepen their relationships with their children and help them to be more cooperative, confident and emotionally intelligent.

As a mother of 4, with 20 years' experience working with parents, I know how tough it can be. I also that simple changes can truly transform your family life

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