Camilla's Premium Coaching Process

With this Premium Coaching Process you'll get: 

  • Personalized Strategy Analysis from your intake form
  • Custom-Tailored Coaching in Video Sessions  5 sessions with Camilla 
  • Reflective Summary Notes and a recording of the session
  • Continuous Support for Your Journey via Private Whatsapp or email access for Camilla's support between the sessions, offering additional solutions and ideas.
  • A 'Parent Survival Pack' sent to you in the post
  • Stylishly designed printable check-lists to engage your child in following rules and routines

  • 'The Parent Survival Academy video course  - you learn from this groundbreaking video course alongside our sessions. giving you the tools and principles to truly understand and connect with your child. With life-long access. 

  • 'Real-life' role-plays to demonstrate positive ways to avoid or recover from those difficult moments and build closeness with your child.
  • Course workbooks to deepen your learning and track your progress.
  • Resource booklets to refer to for quick reference.
  • Meditation mini-course to learn stress management.
  • Sibling Rivalry Resolved - how manage fights, jealousy and squabbles and have harmony at home
  • Peaceful Sleep Secrets step-by-step video workshop to show you how to get your child going to bed fast and sleeping through the night.
  • Managing Mealtime Madness - workshop to show you how to transform your mealtimes and managing fussy eaters

What People Are Saying:

I never thought I would gain so much enjoyment out of my son's company after questioning our relationship and my failure as a mother to get through to him at times. Thank you for giving us the tools and shake up we so desperately needed to help Otis and ourselves overcome our challenges. I wouldn't have believed such a successful journey would have been possible.

Charlotte Flaherty

My husband and I decided take Camilla's Premium Support Package, as we were having such a difficult time with our son. We could not handle his behaviour and that affected our day-to-day life and was making everyone so miserable. We are now a changed family. We really needed someone like Camilla. She is objective, understanding, and her great expertise in the parenting field meant she could guide us through a tricky time with our children.

Jane Burrows

By getting Camilla's coaching and watching the video course, we have been able to navigate life much better and importantly our children feel that we truly understand and empathise with them. I can’t recommend this highly enough!

Alice and Hugo Hamilton

£1,597.00 GBP

This Terms of Business Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into by and between Camilla McGill of My Parenting Solutions (the "Coach") and the Client (the "Client") (collectively referred to as the "Parties") for the provision of private parenting coaching services. 

By engaging the services of the Coach and signing up to Coaching on the Coach’s website, the Client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this Terms of Business Agreement.



  • Services


The Coach agrees to provide parenting coaching services to the Client as set out on the Coach’s website


During the period of coaching, the Client has unlimited access to the Coach via email and WhatsApp; however the Client should be aware that replies may take up to 48 hours and will be limited to Monday-Friday.



  • Fees and Payment


The client agrees to pay the fees as set out on the Coach’s website



  • Coach and Client Responsibilities


An effective coaching relationship requires mutual understanding and respect between the Coach and the Client. 


By entering into this Agreement, Coach and Client agree to:

  • communicate honestly
  • be open to feedback
  • to make time and space to participate fully in the coaching sessions


In addition, Client specifically agrees to:

  • be open to and actively participate in coaching process
  • accept personal responsibility for the results of their actions, recognising that ultimate success or failure will be the result of their own efforts, particular situation, and innumerable other circumstances beyond the control and/or knowledge of the Coach
  • acknowledge that the Coach has not made any guarantees about the results of taking any action, whether recommended during any coaching session or not



  • Confidentiality


The Coach agrees to maintain strict confidentiality regarding all information shared by the Client during coaching sessions, except in the following circumstances:

  1. The Client provides explicit written consent to disclose information
  2. The Coach is legally required to disclose information by a court order or applicable law


Confidential Information does not include information:

  1. known to Coach prior to Client disclosing it
  2. that is generally known to the public or in the industry
  3. obtained by Coach from a third party, without breach of any obligation to the Client
  4. that is or was developed independently by Coach without use of or reference to the Client’s confidential information


Client acknowledges and agrees that all materials provided as part of the coaching arrangement, including any associated login credentials, training videos and downloadable files, are solely intended for the personal use of the Client. 


Client understands that it is strictly prohibited to share, distribute, or transfer the login credentials or training materials to any third parties. 


Furthermore, Client acknowledges that all the content provided during the coaching arrangement remains the exclusive property of the Coach.



  • Reference on Social Media and in Marketing Materials


To maintain confidentiality, the Coach will not publicly share anything about Client’s sessions or coaching experience on social media, in marketing materials or otherwise without the Client’s express written permission.


Where the Client chooses to say anything publicly about the coaching experience, whether through social media or other methods, the Coach has the right to use those public comments to market and promote the Coach’s business.


This will include any necessary licenses to the copyright in your post and the right to use your name, image, or likeness (to the extent they are attached to your post) to promote the Coach’s business.



  • Scheduling


Coach and Client will agree to a mutually agreeable time for the coaching meetings, and it will be the Client’s ultimate responsibility to schedule the coaching meetings. 


All coaching meetings will be conducted on Zoom. 

The Coach shall initiate the online coaching call at the agreed upon time by starting the session in Zoom.  Dial in details will be provided by the Coach to Client in advance of the meeting.


All coaching sessions must occur within a period of 3 months from the effective date of this Agreement or they will be forfeited without refund. 



  • Cancellation and Rescheduling


The Client agrees to provide at least 48 hours notice for any cancellation or rescheduling of coaching sessions.


Coach reserves the right to treat any meeting that Client misses or attempts to cancel less than 48 hours before it is scheduled to begin as part of the allotted coaching sessions.



  • Termination


Coaching arrangement shall continue until all coaching sessions agreed in Coaching Agreement, signed by both Parties, are completed.


Until such time, either party may terminate this Agreement at any time by providing written notice to the other party.


In the event of termination, the Coach and Client shall agree whether services should be provided through the end of the period for which the fees have been paid.



  • Refund Policy


The client commits to watching all the modules of The Parent Survival Academy course and completing a minimum of 3 coaching sessions. If at the end of this they aren’t satisfied with the results, they are welcome to talk to Camilla and discuss refunding the results, Camilla will refund the cost of the video course.



  • Limitation of Liability


The Coach shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages arising out of or in connection with the coaching services provided.


The Client acknowledges that coaching results may vary and that the Coach does not guarantee specific outcomes.



  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction:


This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

Any disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.



  • Entire Agreement:


This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the Parties and supersedes any prior agreements or understandings, whether written or verbal, relating to the subject matter hereof.

By engaging the services of the Coach and by signing the Coaching Agreement, the Client acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this Terms of Business Agreement.

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