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Does this sound like you?

  • When your child has a tantrum you feel really powerless and think - 'how am I supposed to handle this?'
  • Even though you are a caring, devoted parent, you often feel exasperated with your child's behaviour.
  • When your child says 'NO! I'm not doing that!' you feel stuck but don't want to get into a fight.
  • ​You want to handle your child more positively and you want a close connected relationship. 

Inside this FREE Masterclass parents like you will learn how to finally:


Stay calm when your child digs his heels in or has a tantrum.

You don't have to be 'strict' or give in to kids' demands. You'll learn how you can be gentle and firm at the same time! 

2 —

Get kids to do what you've asked without a fight.

Instead of being faced with a child who refuses to get dressed, shouts 'no', or runs off when it is time to leave the park, I'll show you how to get them to cooperate and stay positive. 

—3 —

Create more closeness with your child and help them avoid over-reacting.

Next time you see a meltdown brewing, you'll know how to deal with it AND feel connected with your child. You'll help them to be able to regulate their emotions and verbalise how they feel.

A personal invitation from your host, parenting expert, Camilla


"Camilla has seen it all and is hugely sympathetic to our parenting woes. She provided a lot of reassurance that I wasn't doing it wrong, I realised I needed to see things from a child's perspective and adjust my communication style to be more effective with the kids. I highly recommend her class."

Sarah Mellor
Mum of 2 and stylist

"Camilla's masterclass was a breath of fresh air. We'd been looking for someone who could show us the approach to parenting that we'd always wanted but never achieved. Don't miss it! "

Mellissa Denham
Mother of 2 and hairstylist

"I sincerely would recommend Camilla and her approach. I wanted help from someone who is non-judgmental and down-to-earth. She has shown me that positive parenting is about changing your approach and really understanding your child. Attending her masterclass was such a great introduction to her work"

Vinna Banwait
Mother of Alex and teacher

"We found that parenting Olivia was really pretty easy, bar the odd moment. Therefore we were so taken aback when our son Jack came along as he was so much harder to manage. He was really temperamental and had massive mood-swings. Camilla's masterclass was so helpful, she absolutely knows what she's talking about - we were so thankful we went to it."

Fiona and James
Parents of Jack and Olivia

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A Note From Camilla...

I’m Camilla McGill, a mother of 4 with 20 years' experience working with parents. Maybe you are searching for a gentle, compassionate approach that's combined with firm boundaries? That's why I'm here. 

Whilst my beloved cat Molly (featured below) has a miraculous way of calming me down whenever I feel bad-tempered with my kids.  I've learnt you don't need a cat to keep your cool — you just need tried-and-tested, well-researched tools and techniques that fit with your values as a parent.

I don't know about you, but I think that being a parent is the hardest job in the world. 

I have faced so many challenges with my kids and I've personally tested out everything I teach so I can show you how to avoid my mistakes and have the calmer, happier family life you always wanted.

I'm passionate about my work that has reached 1000s of parents over the years and I've been privileged to help them transform their family life.

And here's a photo of Molly, you can see why she calms me down right?

More calm and patience with your kids is a click away. Reserve your seat in my free class today!