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You do it for me! compassionate parenting confident kids emotionally intelligent kids independent kids Nov 16, 2021

One of my sons was applying for a management training scheme this week.

He likes to ask for our help and support, whereas his brother is much more likely to go it alone.

Kids are all so different aren't they?

I was pretty busy with my own work and he came to me asking me to help with the cover...

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Here's one I made earlier.... behaviour management boundaries for kids confident kids dealing with tantrums helping kids with emotions independent kids Nov 06, 2021

In the past I've mentioned that my daughter Scarlett is working as a teaching assistant in her gap year (before starting university).

I love it when she tells me about situations with the children and that she used all the tools and strategies I taught her.

Not only am I so thrilled to know...

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Was this a huge mistake? helping kids take risks helping kis learn from mistakes independent kids raising confident kids raising resilient kids Sep 14, 2021

You know those weekends when you know you need to get out of the house, but nothing appeals?  

You’re exhausted.  

The kids are whining and squabbling  

And you can’t think of anything you much want to do.  

It was on just one of those Sundays not long after...

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Kids who speak up for themselves bullying compassionate parenting confident children confident kids emotional intelligence empowering kids gentle parenting giving kids a voice independent kids resilient kids standing up for yourself Mar 16, 2021

I felt a tap on the shoulder at school pick up

'Can I have a word Mrs McGill?'

My heart sank.

In these situations you know it can only be bad news and you immediately start to doubt your parenting abilities and blame yourself for whatever your child has got up to.

My son Nico's teacher...

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