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Seeking help in a professional sphere or honing a skill in sport isn’t just normal, it’s highly advantageous. Yet, when it comes to navigating the challenges of parenting, a cloud of hesitation and shame seems to loom unnecessarily large.

I'm here to champion the idea that reaching out for guidance in parenting showcases strength, not weakness.

With that cleared up, I want to emphasize that my role is not to judge but to support you wholeheartedly. Here, you'll find a sanctuary free from judgment, a space grounded in empathy and understanding. Together, we're striving for the well-being and happiness of you and your children

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Bespoke Parenting Support

My Private Coaching Process takes you through an 8 week, step-by-step transformative process, leaving you feeling skilled, informed and confident. 


Radically improve your home life and your child’s behaviour with my private coaching process.  Tackle those thorny issues, such as tantrums, rudeness, refusing to listen, digging their heels in, over-reactions or aggression. You name it, we’ll solve it together! 
This is for you if: 
  • You’re struggling. Some children are pretty easy but not yours, and you often reach the end of the day feeling exhausted, guilty and exasperated, thinking, ‘How do I deal with this kid?’

  • You’ve read some books, gained a few tips, but you really want personalised advice and support that will work for your child(ren) and your family set-up.

I’d love to work with you privately 


I love Camilla’s approach and her always wise and practical advice.
She taught me to get into my children's world to understand them better. She showed me how important it is to validate their emotions. When I implement her tips, everyone is happier!

Gitty Adler, mum of 4

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Here's what parents are saying about Camilla's Support


Jill & Andrew, parents of two boys

Jill and Andrew were squabbling with each other and struggling with their two boys. Hear them describe how much their quality of life has improved as well as their relationship.


Serena Nutting

Serena describes how they’ve gone from feeling really despondent about how to deal with their children’s tantrums and misbehaviour to having a calm, happy household.



Maybe you've got an issue with potty training? Need help with a bedtime routine? Struggle with getting out of the house in the morning? 
Book an hour with Camilla when you can: 
  • Discuss your specific situation

  • Get Camilla's  personalised advice and support that will work for your child and your family set-up.
  • Leave with a plan of action


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It can be a lonely, difficult job being a parent and Camilla's support has got me through so many difficult situations. Her advice is spot-on and she's totally empathetic.

Nicole Style mum of 2 boys

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Potty Support

With my personal support, I show you a unique approach to solving your problems and getting your child excited to succeed at this important life skill.


You’d be surprised how many parents hit a wall with potty training and are at their wits end. They’re confronted with a child that refuses to use the potty or has endless accidents. Some children are suffering with constipation and are withholding poo, this is often accompanied by a huge fear of using the potty or toilet. Parents often feel like they are the only ones going through this.

If you are struggling with potty training, let me work with you to show you my pain-free, gentle methods to achieve swift potty training success. 


Here's what parents are saying about Camilla's Potty Support

I wish we’d got help from Camilla sooner as we’d have saved months and months of misery. Our little boy was SO resistant, we were constantly cleaning up accidents and feeling shame that he hadn’t cracked potty training. After our consultations, and changing our approach it was like a miracle. He nailed it and we never looked back.

Fleur, GP and mum of two boys

Working with schools and partnerships

I love being able to share my knowledge and experience with parents from all walks of life. Over the many years I’ve been teaching parenting, I’ve had the pleasure of delivering talks and courses in many schools and organisations across London.


I regularly work with primary schools and nurseries, offering talks and webinars to their parents. If your school or nursery is interested in hosting an in-person or virtual  talk, please get in touch.

If you are interested in me speaking at your event, workplace, school or nursery I would love to hear from you. 



What schools are saying about Camilla's coaching

Camilla has very high standards of professionalism and is thoughtful and reflective as an individual. She got amazing feedback from the parents she worked with and supported our organisation with the utmost good grace.

Geethika Jaytilaka, (Former) Director Parent Gym

We were so lucky to have Camilla McGill deliver a six-week Parent Gym course for us. She was professional and warm and offered a diverse group of parents the opportunity to gain confidence and learn new, fresh, simple and valuable ideas to help them to deal with their  parenting issues. Thanks Camilla for sharing your expertise with our parents.

Charmaine Cummings, Outreach Coordinator, Ethelred Nursery School and Children’s Centre

Camilla ran a parenting workshop for our parents talking about ways to positively praise children and other tips.  She was warm, friendly and non-judgemental and the parents reported they had a great time and found it really helpful.

Judith Ish-Horowicz MBE, Principal of Apples and Honey Nursery, Wimbledon

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