Unlock the Secret to Stress-Free Potty Training

Potty Success Academy a practical step-by-step course showing you how to nail potty training in as little as 3 days

Have you heard the horror stories from other parents?

Have fear and time-constraints been holding you back ?

Feeling overwhelmed as you tried it before and it all went wrong? 

Does the mere prospect of potty training leave you in a cold-sweat?

Have you been postponing it for fear it will be horribly stressful and you feel you just don't have the time?

Are you looking for a gentle approach to potty training that's stress-free and  successful?

• You want to potty train your child, but don't have a clue where to begin.
• You've been unsuccessful before, so don't want to waste any more time.
• Well-meaning friends have given you unhelpful advice and they don't know your child!
• You feel like you've made no progress. They will only poo in a nappy or have lots of accidents and don't seem to care.
• You want to stop wasting money on nappies.

Nail potty training with confidence with - 
Potty Success Academy
 for nurturing parents who want a gentle approach.

Giving you a step-by-step process to succeed in this important milestone in your child's life.

What you might not know

Following this step-by-step proven process means you could succeed in as little as 3 days.

• Learning ways to engage your child in the process actually makes it enjoyable - even if you've had a false-start!

• Following the formula for preparing your child will greatly reduce the amount of accidents and speed up the process.

. With an innovative approach, problems such as withholding or only pooing in a nappy are swiftly solved. 

• Learning a gentle approach takes all the stress away, leaving more time for the fun stuff!

A child who is fully prepared  for
potty training learns:


Greater independence, all-round - even if they're capable of doing things for themselves now, you'll be amazed by the developmental leaps that accompany acquiring the skill of using a potty.


A sense of pride and confidence in their abilities - believing in themselves is a powerful asset in a child's ability to succeed and thrive in life. Mastering the complex skill of using the potty gives a child a great sense of achievement.


Helping a child become aware of their bodily functions and signals, enables them to get the potty in time when they need to go, so you don't need to be involved.


Want to know what you get? Take a sneak-peek

inside the video course 


Here's what parents are saying


Nicole, mum of two

Nicole was really worried about starting potty training but didn't want to delay as her son Caspian was starting nursery. Hear what she says about the benefits of preparation.


Harriet, mum of two

Harriet was very anxious about starting potty training with her little boy. Here she explains how successful it was using the roadmap from this course.


Krishna and Ketan, parents of two

Krishna and Ketan describe their daughter’s big fear of using the potty. With a step by step plan in place, they succeed in helping her overcome it.

Potty Success Academy

This video course is delivered in 4  accessible, engaging modules to teach you all you need to know to successfully potty train - AND FAST!. 

You have life-long access to the course - planning on another child? You can refresh your memory!


  • The full roadmap to potty training in 4 modules - giving you confidence and your child the best chance to succeed. 
  • A thoroughly researched, tried-and-tested approach from parenting expert and mum of 4, Camilla McGill
  • How to tailor the approach for YOUR child, even if you've hit a wall with accidents, fears and withholding poo or wee.
  • A unique way to teach your child how to recognise their body signals avoiding the need to constantly be on their case.
  • A printable workbook for you to fill out to help you prepare and keep track of your progress.
  • Specially designed check sheets to track your child's progress and remind you to celebrate the small wins.

(saving you time & money)

  • Recommendations for the best kids books to engage your child.

  • Edited list of videos and apps to help explain the process and make it fun.

  • A collection of songs to sing along with to help your child feel relaxed.

  • Advice on the potty training equipment you need.

"Sophia was withholding and had developed a fear of going for a poo. Within two weeks we had gone from all accidents in her underwear to everything in the potty. I was amazed at how quickly it worked. I wish I had found this approach sooner and avoided all the stress."

Joanna Kyriakou, mother of Sophia 


Potty Success Academy  

Camilla explains how this video course helps you and your child nail potty training with ease.



Our first attempt at potty training was so stressful with constant accidents that we stopped. With a baby on the way, I didn’t want to  risk of doing it alone. I needed guidance and a safety net
If we hadn’t made the investment in this programme, I know we would have delayed potty training for months.  My son was potty trained really quickly which was such a relief. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Camilla

Chandhi Ladva

Hi Camilla, I feel like you are my parenting guardian angel!! I really wanted to say thank you for putting me at ease and for your positive approach to potty training. I’m feeling much more confident now. I wanted to let you know that we are on day 3 with potty training and Seb smashed it. Thank you so much for the support, you’ve been more help than you know.

Caryn McMullen

We weren’t sure when to start potty training. Our little girl showed a few signs so we wanted to get prepared. We really liked Camilla’s approach as it is gentle. This course gave us a great step by step process and the confidence to engage her first rather than just removing her diapers and hoping for the best! She’s responded really positively and it is going so well! It’s such a good investment - saves time, stress and money.

Maeva Althrus

Meet Camilla

Your experienced parenting coach

I have been actively involved in parent coaching for 20 years and I’m a mother of four grown up children.

I'm passionate about working with parents and helping them raise kids with confidence.

When we tried to potty train our second son we hit huge roadblocks. We had just had a third baby, we leapt straight in and we didn’t manage our approach to suit his temperament. After months of misery we sought help and the results were fantastic.

Having had such success with my son, I decide to combine my parent coaching work with helping parents to potty train. I have worked with thousands of parents over the years teaching them a gentle, collaborative approach to potty training that suits the parenting style of so many parents. 

What I know is that if you get the preparation phase right the rest of potty training is so much more likely to go smoothly and quickly. So consequently I have created the Potty Success Academy video course which shows you how to go from start to finish with ease

I’m excited about everything you are going to learn from this course to get your child confidently and happily using the potty!

 Everything you need for successful potty training and imagine how much you'll save on nappies!


Only £99

Here's what your investment gives you (valued over £400 and saving at least £50 a month on nappies!) )

  • 4 Video Modules  - giving an innovative, step-by-step approach and guidance to ensure your success.
  • Proven solutions for those difficult problems such as withholding, hiding to poo, frequent accidents and a child who will only poo in a nappy.
  • Workbook with further information and to track your progress.
  • Extra printable resources - check-lists, diagrams, equipment, the best books and apps for kids.
  • Copy of Camilla's book 'Positive Potty Training, the nurturing parent's step-by-step guide'
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