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If you aspire to potty train with a gentle and nurturing parenting style, tackling this stage with ease and confidence, then you're probably already aware how vital it is to avoid a battle with your child.

Here’s what you might not know - a child who is potty trained with the right approach, learns:


Greater independence, all-round - even if they're capable of doing things for themselves now, you'll be amazed by the developmental leaps that accompany acquiring the skill of using a potty


A sense of pride and confidence in their abilities - believing in themselves is a powerful asset in a child's ability to succeed and thrive in life


Listens to and trusts their body - when a child is tuned into and trusts their body signals, they no longer have to be prompted by you and can feel sure in their own abilities.

While the reasons to potty train are obvious, the path to success can be anything but...

Potty train? Fantastic! But where do I start?

  • You know you need to get going but haven't a clue where to start
  • You made a start already - bought a few potties and put them round the house caught a wee or two and don't know how to take it further
  • Had some initial success and then hit a total roadblock?
  • You are faced with a really tricky problem and you are at the end of your tether
And now, even with the best intentions, you aren't making any progress.
Here’s why so many parents struggle with setbacks in their potty training:
Without a detailed and clear, step-by-step plan, it's so easy to feel completely lost, to get stuck in a place with your child who, at best, just won’t engage or is entirely against the whole idea. And when this happens it can delay potty training for months (or in some cases, even years).

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The four most common stumbling blocks for parents on the potty training path

  • You're not sure how to progress and teach your child what to do. Childhood development experts will tell you that a parent is the one who knows their child best. In terms of potty training, it can be confusing but if you have the right information and the best approach for your child you can make amazing progress.
  • You are worried that you might have already caused psychological damage and you don't know how to address it.  When parents learn how to develop their child's emotional intelligence and acquire a range of skills to address a child's fears and resistance, children can swiftly get back on track.
  • Things started off ok but your child regressed and you just can't seem to get it right. Now you're concerned that you've done more harm than good. And the last thing you want is to cause your child distress - or even to regress. By learning all the causes and triggers for regression, you re-build their confidence and interest in successfully using the potty. 
  • You have a specific problem which you just haven't been able to solve  and no-one in your friends or family network have come up with the right solution to match your particular challenge: We often take advice from other well-meaning parents who just don't have the necessary breadth of knowledge or expertise. With the right support and a step-by-step outline that you tailor to your child, even the most difficult situations can be resolved  and often  faster than you would have imagined!

I want to let you in on a little secret...

Even though some kids appear to potty train overnight, there are many parents out there who never talk about the failed attempts and ongoing accidents, or keep quiet about the fact that months into the process so little progress has been made and they are tearing their hair out with frustration. Maybe this is you and you just don't know where to turn?

Even if you make some headway in the early stages, the path is not always straightforward or obvious.
There are methods to side-step these potty training pitfalls and make sure that your way ahead is paved for success. 

One where:

You actually enjoy the process and feel like you get to know your child so much better. 

Your child's confidence and independence grow, through what you learn together.

You solve the problem of a child hiding away to poo or holding it in for hours or even days.

You crack the code re endless wee or poo accidents.

You finally say goodbye to nappies for good and your child graduates from Potty Success Academy with flying colours!

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So if you're ready to potty train with ease and confidence...

✅ You'll celebrate how grown up and independent your child has become
✅ You'll be so pleased with how much more calm you feel
✅ You'll be amazed at the increase in your parenting skills 
✅ You'll see the change in your child and their glow of pride, with the sense of achievement their progress brings
✅ You and your child can go on outings and activities with a new sense of freedom
✅ You'll have the support of an expert and the encouragement from your fellow potty trainers cheering you on
✅ You'll get to learn and practice new ways of talking to and being with your child that brings out their best and grows emotional intelligence



Introducing Potty Success Academy with Camilla McGill

The complete guideline to fast track you and your child to potty training success, with methods that are fun and simple for you both

Potty Success Academy - The only programme of it’s kind that:

  • Gets you and your child working together
  • ​Gives you daily coaching and motivation
  • ​Gives you all the steps to make potty training fast and stress-free
  • ​Teaches you how to be patient and deal with resistance and regressions
  • ​Shows you how to get your child to cooperate
  • ​Gives you skills for creating a calmer, happier family life


"It was extraordinary how much of a difference Camilla made to our family. She was empathetic, understood our concerns, and was spot-on with her advice – things began to change within our home immediately. I highly recommend her for any worries to do with parenting. "

Emma Freud and Richard Curtis
Writer, Directors and parents of four

"Otto knew that he was the last one in his pre-school class to be potty trained and as a result he had low self-esteem, especially when the other kids teased him about it. Before finding Potty Success Academy we were at a total loss for what to do to help him and we felt hopeless. Camilla’s support has been a total God send. Otto’s so proud of himself now. He has new found confidence that he can do hard things and that he's capable."

Chrissy and Dan Allison
Parents of two Livvy and Otto

"Although I am a GP, when it came to my daughter’s potty training I was clueless. Potty Success Academy helped me approach it with confidence. It wasn't as straightforward as I had imagined so I was really thankful to have the guidance and support from the modules within the programme and from the facebook group . Our little girl is doing really well now"

Stephanie Oi
Gp and mother of 2 children

"Since doing the course, Tom has made amazing progress. We can't believe how well your methods work! Having previously started and gone badly wrong, I’m so glad we made the investment. We are back on track and I really recommend this to anyone. It is worth every penny!"

Mother of Tom and Account manager

"Our daughter was traumatised by our first potty training attempts and we wish we'd got help sooner to avoid months of misery. Potty Success Academy has given us the tools to connect with our daughter emotionally and gently help get her back on track. She's so much happier and is loving the games we are playing with her, getting her used to being free of nappies again and having fun with it. It has been a total eye opener to us how a different approach can have such a transformational affect on a child. We highly recommend it to anyone"

Laura and Russell
Parents of Lily

"When I joined Potty Success Academy I really wanted to make sure I had a good start for my son who has a speech delay. The support and information was so great. I did all the modules and made my plans to start potty training using the resources and information. We studied our little one and noticed his mood when he needed a wee/ poo. This helped us to be better prepared. Camilla also said we as parents should be ready and involved. She talked about positive praises, explaining the process that goes on in their bodies. We were very dedicated and we are so excited to have achieved great success at the end of it all. I'm so pleased we did it and got Camilla's support. Our little boy has no accidents now and is so confident and proud of himself. I really recommend it."

Ade and Obi
Teacher and mum of 2


In this course you'll go from feeling confused and unsure about the techniques and timing, to gaining confidence and support, with the complete road-map to successful potty training and connected parenting. Taking these important next steps with your child, using a fun and simple approach.

I’m Camilla McGill, a mother of four with 20 years experience working with parents. I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt from helping hundreds of families to successfully potty train ( often within two weeks of starting) and put it into designing a comprehensive and step-by-step implementation programme that'll not only guide your potty training journey but also show you a mindful and collaborative parenting approach that engages your child in the process. 

Join Now!


STEP ONE: Get Centred and Ready

How to avoid all the pitfalls with proper preparation
Learn the best ways to get your child ready for Potty Training.
Everything you need to do upfront to make sure your child is engaged.
How to get yourself and your child into a positive can-do mindset.
What you need to buy or borrow.
How to tell when to start or how to re-start.


Avoid having a child who is resistant or fearful of the process
Engage your child in the science of their body functions.
Building emotional intelligence – understanding and validating your child’s emotions.
The magic of descriptive praise – transform your child’s ability to cooperate and believe in themselves.
Engaging partners and other childcarers in the process .


Free from tears, frustration and loads of mess.
All ready for take-off. How to go from nappy-dependence to a child who is proud of their achievements and has graduated to being reliably clean, dry and free of nappies



STEP FOUR: Get Problem Solving

How to successfully address the 8 most common potty training challenges.

Expert, researched advice and solutions for managing constipation and withholding wee or poo amongst other potty training issues.


A proven process for potty training without tears and frustration. One where you enable your child to graduate with flying colours! PURCHASE TODAY TO GET ACCESS TO:

  •  Video course 'Potty Success Academy' - showing you how to get your child fully potty trained fast and without tears and frustration (normally £395)
  • Unique resources to teach your child the science behind potty training
  • A stack of invaluable printable resources for you and your child
  • Bonus 1: Recorded consultation with Nutritional Therapist Zoe Kirby - Nutrition for children's gut health 
  • Bonus 2: Professional expertise from Norland Nanny secrets and Transition to Nursery or Day Care - recorded consultations 
  • PLUS Facebook Exclusive Members Group providing weekly coaching and ongoing coaching and support from Camilla plus support and encouragement from other members of the Potty Success Academy community 
  • Lifetime membership allowing you to review and refresh your skills and knowledge for future children!

TOTAL VALUE OVER £700! ($897)


Just £247 ($315)

(or split the payment over two months)


14 Day Money back guarantee

If you go over the programme within 14 days aren't satisfied that you will get what you need, just get in touch and we will refund your money with no quibbles.


Nutritionist consultation

Recorded conversation world class nutritionist - Zoe Kirby - Nutrition for gut health and constipation (normally £80)


Norland Nanny Secrets

All the tips from the best trained nannies in the business and covering transition to day care (normally £80)

Exclusive Members Facebook Group

 Access to this exclusive group of parents committed to their successful potty training and parenting journey.
Quickly troubleshoot any challenges.
Get coaching sessions, inspiration, support and extra tips from Camilla and the community.
Offer your support and expertise. (value £150)

Course Options

Potty Success Academy

£247 ($315)

Full Access to the whole course, printable resources and bonuses to ensure your child graduates with flying colours!

Potty Success Academy

Potty Success Academy PLATINUM

£450 ($573)

Full Access to the Potty Success Academy course

Tailored analysis of your specific situation

Unlimited email support between the two sessions

Two one-on-one video sessions, of 90 minutes and 60 minutes follow-up

Potty Success Academy Platinum

Get your questions answered

Unlimited lifetime access to the Potty Success Academy, so if you have another child or hit some regression further along the line it is always there for you.  You get access to all four modules with printables and bonus sections with a personal log in. You can watch the modules on your phone, ipad or PC and review them whenever you want. You also become part of an exclusive facebook members group for parents on Potty Success Academy. Within that group you get weekly coaching from Camilla  and answers to any questions you post and support from the rest of the community

The course is designed to address all children, from the easiest to the most tricky.  Camilla has experience with the toughest of cases and you will learn skills that will help, not only potty training, but also managing challenging behaviour.  Parents say that support from Camilla within the private facebook group and other parents is invaluable in dealing with almost every situation.

Many people who join Potty Success Academy have already started potty training and have hit a problem. The problems are typically a child who is afraid of the potty, they have a lot of accidents - either poo or wee (or sometimes both), they hold onto their wee or poo and are fearful to let it go, they hide to poo and then refuse to admit they've done it, they were fine at one point and have now regressed. The course is designed to educate and inspire parents to take a different approach. Each module has huge value, no matter what point you are at. Specific challenges are addressed in Module 4 however, the whole course gives you a framework and a toolkit for a gentle, collaborative, problem-solving approach for potty training and positive parenting.

Parents have joined Potty Success Academy and nailed potty training within a few days. They tell me how grateful they are to have achieved their goal so quickly and are so happy to have made the investment to save them time and frustration. They also say that aside from potty training,  they gained a whole new approach to positive parenting which gave huge added value to their investment. "I couldn't believe the difference it made to how I parent. All our 3 kids have benefitted so much from us doing the course' Fiona Rahman

Yes.  We offer a no quibble 14 day money back guarantee.We ask you to go through the programme and if you still don't feel it is for you, then tell us what you didn't like, and we will send the money back. 

Potty Success Academy is designed to take the stress out of potty training and guides you through the step by step process which you adapt to suit your child and their temperament. The course  will give you all the tools to make it as fast and stress-free as possible avoiding trauma and conflict. The more time you spend up front getting a child interested and on board, the faster the nappy-removal process is. It can be as quick as a couple of days before your child 'gets it' and stops having accidents or it can take longer. The course gives you all the tools to deal with accidents and help reduce them to hardly any.

Parents have been potty training for years and of course many go it alone. What you often don't hear is how long it took, how many accidents they endured and how stressful it was. Potty Success Academy is designed to give you a proper road map and take the stress and fear away both for you and your child. Parents are so much more aware of the importance of a child's emotional well-being and self-esteem and Potty Success Academy teaches you a holistic approach to raising your child so they don't just get potty trained but they have a stronger bond and connection with you too

There is four hours of video content which you can watch in sections as they apply to you.  You will want to go through the first three modules to make a plan, and review it all depending on the progress of your child. You will want to dip in and review, and access the troubleshooting module if and when needed.

Yes.  We have a split payment option.  Just go to the products page on my website and choose the option for spreading the payments over two months, or click below.

Pricing Options

Potty Success Academy Spread the payments

£132 (S168)


Full Access to the whole course, printable resources and bonuses to ensure your child graduates with flying colours!

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Potty Success Academy PLATINUM Package Spread the payments



Full Access to the whole course, printables and bonuses

Full personal assessment

Unlimited email support

Two one-on-one video consultations,  90 minutes followed by 60 minute follow-up.

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We believe this is the finest program of its kind, so we're backing it with a full money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the program, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. The 14 days commence once you start the course.

 No quibbles.

Download our free booklet, "Refusing to Poo on the Potty"

Download our free booklet, "Using Descriptive Praise for Potty Training"


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