Would you like to learn how to get a child to listen WITHOUT having to nag?

It's time to be done with the repetition and negotiation that leaves you feeling exhausted (and being ignored by your child).

This FREE booklet giving you the G.R.E.A.T method will give you  the exact steps to get your child to willingly listen and cooperate.

Use the G.R.E.A.T method to enable you to:

  • Get out of the house on time with a happy child.
  • Leave the playground without arguments.
  • Have your child feel heard and understood and therefore be much less likely to resist.
  • Feel confident in your ability to build love and connection with your child AND still be in charge.  
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"I've been using Camilla's G.R.E.A.T method for so many different situations with my kids. I can't believe how easy it is to use and how much quicker we get things done. When you stop wasting time and energy on the battles, it leaves so much more time for games, cuddles and having fun. "

Melissa Johnson
Account manager

"My husband and I were having such a difficult time with our son. We were shouting and repeating ourselves and he was ignoring us. It affected our day-to-day life and was making everyone so miserable. These effective tools enabled us to handle him so much better. We are now a changed family. Camilla is objective, understanding and her great expertise in the parenting field meant she could guide us through a tricky time with our children."

Patty and Simon Harper
Parents of two boys

"I learnt so much about parenting from Camilla. She is wise, insightful and really funny too! I definitely became a better parent from working with her and highly recommend her."

Bella Freud
Mother and designer

"We came to see Camilla in a terrible state regarding our second son who was having a really difficult time at nursery. He was constantly in trouble, the school seemed unable to cope with him and he would have terrible tantrums at home and at school. The relief in talking to Camilla was immense. She made us see that he wasn't a 'bad' boy, that he had so many wonderful qualities to nurture and through some new techniques of being more positive, firmer and more consistent we were able to have a fantastic impact on him. He became more confident, more able to express himself and so much calmer. I really recommend anyone to see Camilla."

Isabel Rodriguez
Mother of four boys


I'm Camilla McGill, founder of My Parenting Solutions. As a mother of 4 and someone who's spent 20 guiding and mentoring fellow parents, I've seen how frustrating it is when a child ignores you. When you're rushing out the house for school and your child refuses to get dressed, it drives you up the wall! I've spent years researching, testing and refining solutions so that when these situations happen, I know how to solve the problem and I'm here to guide you through it as well. The tools and strategies I teach truly can transform your family life. This free booklet will show you how to use the G.R.E.A.T method to get you feeling confident and in charge and your child listening and doing what you've asked.  What's not to like? 

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Are meltdowns keeping you and your family from having fun and actually enjoying time together?

Would you like to learn how to get a child to do what you've asked WITHOUT having to nag?

This FREE resource for frustrated parents will help you do just that.