Learn how to get your kids to listen without ever needing to nag, threaten or shout ūüď£.¬†

Calling all parents whose kids ignore them! 

If you feel like repeating and eventually shouting is the only way, I'm here to show you how to get cooperative kids AND stay calm with my G.R.E.A.T method! 

Join me, parenting expert, Camilla McGill in this fast-paced, practical and informative workshop
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How to get your child to listen without ever needing to nag, threaten or shout

This workshop is for you if:

You wind up repeating yourself 10 times to get your child to listen

You start off calm, but when they ignore you or refuse to put their shoes on, and you've asked over and over, you wind up shouting. You then regret it as this isn't the kind of parent you planned to be.

You resort to threats in order to get your child to do something 

You really wish you didn't use threats, as they're frequently hollow, they don't work and they often lead to a power-struggle. But you haven't figured out how to avoid the threats and you just wish your child would do what you've asked without a fuss!

You want a close, loving relationship with your kids

You want to have clear rules and boundaries but you want to find a way to stick to them by staying calm, feeling connected to your child and never needing to nag or shout.

Hi, I'm Camilla, founder of My Parenting Solutions

I don't know about you, but I think that being a parent is the hardest job in the world. 

I've been a non-judgemental parent coach for 20+ years (and a mum of 4 big kids). I've created this workshop for overwhelmed parents of toddlers to 8 olds wanting to learn a better way of parenting.

This is for you if you're seeking a calmer way of raising kids with clear boundaries.
This is not for you want to learn about using punishments.  

From miserable mornings to impossible to do bedtime without shouting - read what other parents have to say


What I learnt in Camilla's workshop has meant we can get out of the house in the morning, with no shouting, feeling calm and able to get to school on time with happy kids! Highly recommend this.

Jane and Adam

We'd got in an awful cycle of nagging and threatening just to get them to bed. We needed some input from someone we trusted whose methods work.  Camilla was that person - don't miss this.

Hannah and Joe

We thought our kids were much worse than everyone else's.  Camilla's workshop gave us so much reassurance that we're not alone AND practical tips to get them to go out for pizza and behave really well! Result

If you want to get through the holiday season feeling calm and in charge, then don't miss the opportunity to learn a whole new set of tools.

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