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Would you like to get your kids to stop squabbling and fighting and start being nicer to each other?

Wouldn't it be so great to discover some ways to get your kids to play well together and enjoy being with each other without squabbling?
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  • Engage your kids in 12 carefully chosen fun activities. 
  • Encourage sharing and turn taking.
  • Make 'Secret Sibling Surprises' 
  • Use music and movement to bring them together.

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Hi, I'm Camilla

I am passionate about helping parents to feel calmer and more confident. I’m a mum of 4 and have been coaching parents for over 20 years.

I know what it feels like to when your toddler is rough with the baby or your older kids fight and squabble and I've tried and tested everything I teach so I can honestly say that the positive approach really works.  I hope you like this guide and use some of the ideas in it.



I've been using Camilla's strategies for so many different situations with my kids. I can't believe how easy they are to use and how much better my kids get along. When you stop wasting time and energy on the battles, it leaves so much more time for games, cuddles and having fun.

Melissa Johnson

We were having such a difficult time with kids fighting with each other, it was making everyone so miserable. Camilla taught us how to handle them so much better. She's objective, understanding and her great expertise in the parenting field meant she could guide us through a tricky time with our children.

Patty and Simon Harper

Our boys were always fighting over the train tracks and I used to insist my older son give in to his brother. Camilla showed me that I needed to help them to play collaboratively and it made such a difference

 Tess Parsons Broome 

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From Fights to Fun: 12 creative sibling activities

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