Who knew that raising kids could be this hard? 

You really love your kids but boy do they press your buttons! There are days when you just don't know how to handle them and you wind up losing it.


Who knew that raising kids could be this hard? 

You want them to be cooperative, resilient and confident but you‚Äôve seen that the road to getting there isn‚Äôt straightforward ‚Äď they didn‚Äôt come with a manual!


Feeling overwhelmed and struggling with your child's behaviour? Realising this isn't 'just a phase' that you can navigate alone?  Find out how to get my help with my Private Coaching Process

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Is this you?

  • Your child runs rings around you - you worry you are too soft as you find yourself giving in. Then you shout or¬† come down too hard when you've reached the end of your tether.
  • You might have a particular¬†struggle with bedtimes¬†(they won't go to sleep!) or¬†mealtimes (they refuse what you've given them)¬†or¬†mornings (you can't get out the house without a fight).¬†
  • You know you don't have a 'bad kid' but your child is particularly sensitive and hard to cope with, and you want to know how to handle them without constant nagging and¬†criticising.

  • You want to learn better ways to parent so you're on the same page as your partner and¬†you don't¬†want to repeat your own parents' patterns.
  • You regularly¬†resort to threats because you don't know how else to get your child to listen and simply do what you've asked.
  • You experience frequent tantrums, emotional outbursts, aggression, stubbornness, or over-reaction. You might have another child who is straightforward but this one has you floored. You just don't know how to handle them.
  • You want to be positive and stay calm but you just don't seem to be able to.¬† You frequently feel completely at a loss to know what to do, particularly when you're trying to leave the house or get your child to bed!¬†
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So what's possible with my Private Coaching Process? 

In the 20+ years I've been working with parents, I've developed a unique approach which is collaborative, non-judgemental and practical. The results for parents are life changing.

What kind of a gift would that be for you and your children? Imagine this..


Imagine a life where better routines and a consistently positive approach make your children eager to cooperate. 

You'll goodbye to the constant nagging that drains your energy and steals your time.

Instead, you'll leave for work punctually and arrive home with the energy to enjoy fun and games with your kids.

Research confirms that children thrive in predictable environments‚ÄĒit fosters unity among parents and caregivers, and gives kids a clear understanding of boundaries and expectations.


Every parent knows that time with our children slips away fast.

Do you really want to look back on these precious years with regret over the battles you've fought?

By deepening our connection, we can create a loving and understanding environment where our child naturally feels happier.

Not only will they turn to us for advice and guidance, but they become more cooperative on their own accord.

Now is the time to forge these invaluable bonds‚ÄĒbefore another moment slips away.


Our children's mental health is paramount.

They need our help to navigate and regulate their strong emotions, so they can openly express how they feel instead of resorting to acting out or bottling up their feelings.

This not only helps them become more resilient and emotionally intelligent, but also means that those day-to-day battles and meltdowns become a thing of the past.

Then, as parents, we can spend time on creating lasting, loving memories with our children. 

The Private Coaching Process  

 This 8 week Private Coaching Process  process includes:

  • Personalized Strategy Analysis -¬†Your¬†initial intake form details your unique family dynamics and concerns. I analyse this to¬†create a strategy that addresses your specific goals and aspirations, setting a focused direction right from your first session.
  • Custom-Tailored Coaching in 1:1 Video Sessions¬†Over five insightful bi-weekly video coaching sessions we will identify and tackle the core issues you're encountering, providing you with positive, bespoke parenting strategies.¬† The process equips you with the tools and principles to truly understand and connect with your child, fostering a harmonious family life filled with joy, cooperation, and moments of immense pride.¬†
  • Actionable Steps to Success -¬†Together, we'll develop a series of tangible action steps during each session, constantly refining them to suit your progress. Between sessions¬†you get¬†unlimited support via WhatsApp or email to help you stay on track with your goals.
  • The Parent Survival Academy Video Course¬†-¬†These¬†lessons are designed to effortlessly integrate with your coaching sessions, making it easier than ever for busy parents to access valuable insights and guidance.
  • Exclusive Parent Survival Pack¬†¬†Enjoy a specially curated survival pack delivered to your doorstep, with beautifully designed resources and treats to support and uplift your parenting journey.

    Apply now for this Private Coaching Process to fast-track your journey to be a calm, confident parent, nurturing a child who is a joy to be around.

    The total investment in the Private Coaching Process is £1597 (or approx $1935) 

I take a limited number of clients each month the application process starts with a discovery call

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It's tough to admit when you're not enjoying being a parent. Alex and Maddie speak honestly about their struggle.


Check out why other parents recommend you do this. 

Camilla  is responsive, very knowledgeable and experienced, kind, empathetic and above all she showed us how to become the parents we always wanted to be and it's helped our girls sleep better, communicate better and feel more understood. 

Henrietta and Nick, Lawyers and parents of two girls.

I learnt so much about parenting from Camilla. She is wise, insightful and really funny too! I definitely became a better parent from working with her and highly recommend her.

Bella Freud, designer and mother of 1

I really value the work I did with Camilla. I came away with a toolbox which has been invaluable with all issues that arise whilst bringing up children. Camilla imparted tips and wisdom,  and is discreet, practical and non-judgemental. 

Allie Essiri, writer and mother of 3 

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Hi, I'm Camilla!

With over two decades of experience and thousands of parents guided, I've dedicated my career to empowering parents to rise above the challenges and embrace the joys of parenthood.

Being a mother of four, I intimately understand the highs and lows of parenting. I've navigated complex situations with my own children and discovered firsthand the difference a well-stocked 'parenting toolkit' can make.

When you equip yourself with the right tools and a nuanced understanding of your child, you'll find that disagreements lessen, quality time increases, and a deep, rewarding bond forms between you and your child.

Now that my children are older, I get to benefit from all my hard work and see that they are entering the adult world as confident, compassionate, go-getting young people. 

I want to share this gift with you.

Investing in parenting guidance today isn't just for immediate peace‚ÄĒit's a long-term commitment to your child's well-being and a successful future.

Even more parents describe their breakthroughs

I have 5 children and I actually thought I knew quite a lot about raising happy children as I had already been to another parenting course. Boy, was I wrong!

Camilla taught me a huge amount, weaving her practical tips with her own experience and vast reading, as well as her innate wisdom and compassion to come up with wonderful solutions to the sort of challenges I was facing.

I would highly recommend her to any parent, at any stage of their parenting life.

Rachel Kelly, author and mother of 5

We came to see Camilla anxious about our son who was having a really difficult time at school and was so hard to handle at home. The relief in talking to Camilla was immense.

She made us see that he wasn't a 'bad' boy, that he had so many wonderful qualities to nurture and through some new techniques of being more positive, firmer and more consistent we were able to have a fantastic impact on him.  I really recommend anyone to see Camilla.

Caroline, mother of a 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl

We reached out to Camilla regarding struggles we were having with our daughter and we quickly knew she was who we were looking for.

Camilla has an incredibly positive, enabling, and supportive approach and is brilliant at quickly understanding and helping you tackle challenges you're facing with your child with practical suggestions and deep insight.  Hesitating about investing in this? Don’t waste any more time, we’re so glad we went ahead.

Alison and John, parents of a 3 year old girl

Here's what other parents recorded 

Like the parents in the videos below, I expect you’re ready for change and you know that getting support is the best investment you can make in your child’s future.

Meg and Dave Murray-Jones

Meg and Dave felt they were failing their 5 year old daughter Georgia because they didn't know how to handle her emotional outbursts. Their work with Camilla proved to be transformational to their family.


Serena Nutting

Serena describes how they’ve gone from feeling really despondent about how to deal with their 3 children’s tantrums and misbehaviour to having a calm, happy household.


Alex and Mandy 

Alex and Mandy describe how they'd reached a point when they realised their approach to their kids wasn't working and they wanted to get my help. They share how the transformation was easier and faster than they'd ever expected


Ashleigh and Alfio

Ashleigh and Alfio, busy parents of 4 kids (aged 6m -  7 years) explain how tough they were finding it and why the time invested in The Parent Survival Academy video course, that comes with my coaching, was SO worth it.


Mark and Natasha

Mark and Natasha describe how much they were struggling with their son Oscar. They share how different their life is now they have the tools to handle him so much better

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Parenting with a full-time job and two young kids is tough. The additional resource of The Parent Survival Academy's videos was so helpful! They're concise, engaging, and packed with practical advice. Thanks to this whole process, I've learned tools to stay calm and be a better mom.
Lucia, mother of 2