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Why Won't My Child Poo in the Potty?

Camilla McGill has years of experience teaching parents a gentle effective way to potty train children. She has produced a free booklet to explain why so many children are fearful or reluctant to poo on a potty. 

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  • The most common triggers for ‘withholding’ poo.
  • What parents can do to help.
  • The 7 reasons a child might resist pooing in a potty or toilet.
  • 7 practical solutions for parents/child-carers to address the problem.


After months of struggle and feeling desperate we found Camilla. Together we figured out a different approach to suit Rosie and the change in her was so fast. After just a few days, she barely had an accident and she was so proud of herself.

We couldn’t recommend Camilla more highly and we are so grateful for her help.

Nicola and James Wilson, parents of two

We thought we were ready to tackle potty training but our little one was so unhappy. She was scared and we were at a loss. Thankfully we found Camilla just in time. Within the first conversation, Camilla put us at ease. She offered invaluable insight and helped get us on the right track immediately. Camilla has earned our highest endorsement

David Haines, father of one

Sophia was withholding and had developed a fear of going for a poo. Camilla assured me that it was a very common problem and we tackled the issue using a very gentle approach. Within three weeks we had gone from all accidents in her underwear to everything in the potty. I was amazed at how quickly the change took place.

Joann Ioannides, mother of Sophia

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Hi, I'm Camilla

I am passionate about working with parents to be the best that they can be. I have worked with thousands of parents over 20 years and love helping people work through the inevitable tests and pitfalls that come along the way.  

Please download my Why Won't My Child Poo booklet and help to get this difficult problem addressed.

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