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I'm Camilla McGill and I have over 20 years of professional experience working with parents. I provide tried and tested solutions to the wide range of problems that so many parents face. Our job as parents is to nurture and guide our children so that we bring out the best in them however, I believe very few parents know instinctively how best to approach every  situation, and that parenting is a skill that can be acquired.  I'm here to inspire parents to learn the best tools and strategies possible to transform their family life

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Calmer, easier parenting

I truly believe that all children have amazing qualities within (even if they might seem hidden) and that our job as parents is to nurture and guide our children so that we bring out the best in them.  Sometimes this takes a long time and it can be a very bumpy ride. Understanding our children, their feelings, personalities and temperaments, is the key to successful parenting. 

Helping people become better parents

"Thank you so much for the video consultations you did with me and my partner. We have sorted out our rules at home and got so much better at managing the mornings, amongst other improvements.  It is amazing how we've gone from being a 'shouty' household to one where we are actually having a nice time and laughing so much more.  We never thought this would be possible."

Sabrina and Peter - Both doctors

Many Glowing Client Reviews

"It was extraordinary how much of a difference Camilla made to our family. She was empathetic, understood our concerns, and was spot-on with her advice things began to change within our home immediately. I highly recommend her for any worries to do with parenting."
Emma Freud and Richard Curtis, parents of four


Tailored Support Package with Camilla

The tailored support package is for parents who want coaching and support from Camilla to work on specific solutions to get ideas and get personalised advice.
Camilla is totally non-judgemental and empathetic and treats the sessions with utmost confidence.
She knows how hard parenting can be and gets fantastic feedback about how much more confident parents feel after the sessions and how transformational the work is to improving family life. 
More about The Tailored Support Package

Tantrum Taming Toolkit

  • Be alert to the triggers of misbehaviour and know how to avoid them

  • Deal effectively with tantrums, rudeness and misbehaviour in the moment to diminish the chances of it recurring

  • Respond after the event so your child can learn from his mistake and make amends. 

  • Develop your child’s ability to regulate their emotions and be far less reactive.


    • Learn easy, effective ways to stay calm yourself in order to be a better role-model for your child.
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Potty Training

My vast experience helping parents with potty training has allowed me to develop a fantastic calmer, easier, more collaborative way to deal with this vitally important stage of development.  Knowing how to potty train with a gentle approach isn't obvious, yet when you do, the results are amazing. Whatever the issue you have with potty training, let me show you my pain-free tried-and-tested solutions for your toddler. Lots of tips and strategies - what age should you potty train, dealing with regression, withholding poos, potty training charts, other potty training problems and much more.

Tell me more about potty training

"My husband and I decided take Camilla's Tailored Support Package as we were having such a difficult time with our son. We could not handle his behaviour and that affected our day-to-day life and was making everyone so miserable. Camilla listened to our stories very carefully and was able to understand the real issues of his behaviour. She was really supportive and was able to give us some very effective tools for how to handle him so much better. We are now a changed family. My husband and I really needed someone like Camilla. She is objective, understanding and her great expertise in the parenting field meant she could guide us through a tricky time with our children"

Patrizia and Simon Harper
Parents of two boys

"Well... you are a GENIUS!!! Honestly I’ve been following your advice and things almost instantly got better. Ellie responded really well to everything - with no bribes and she now tells me when she needs the loo!!! She has only had a couple of wee accidents since we started the new techniques. Then with the reflective listening that also seems to work really well with both of them and we are all a lot calmer. I am just so grateful to you! I can’t believe that small changes have made so much difference. The best part is that I’m really starting to enjoy parenting again and enjoying Ellie more!"

Mother of two daughters

""Dear Laura, I have just seen the marvellous Camilla McGill. Thank you so much for recommending her. I am seriously thinking about asking her to move in with us so I can have instant access to her wisdom at all times!""

Mother of two daughters

"Working with Camilla gave me the additional tools and knowledge to equip myself to become a stronger and more dedicated parent to my daughters. I feel more confident, more patient and more understanding of them."

Melissa Johnson
Mother of girls

""We came to see Camilla in a terrible state regarding our second son who was having a really difficult time at nursery. He was constantly in trouble, the school seemed unable to cope with him and he would have terrible tantrums at home and at school. The relief in talking to Camilla was immense. She made us see that he wasn't a 'bad' boy, that he had so many wonderful qualities to nurture and through some new techniques of being more positive, firmer and more consistent we were able to have a fantastic impact on him. He became more confident, more able to express himself and so much calmer. I really recommend anyone to see Camilla.""

Isabel Rodriguez
Mother of four boys

"My husband and I were having difficulty dealing with our 3 year old’s mood swings and felt like everything we were doing was wrong. Camilla was extremely helpful by listening carefully, asking thoughtful questions, explaining why our son was probably acting out and what he was going through emotionally. She gave us tools to use daily as well as helped us devise a plan of action to avoid major meltdowns. We now feel like we have the necessary structure and response mechanisms to control the difficult situations and mitigate our son’s outbursts. We are so grateful! Thank you Camilla!"

Oliver and Nicole Style

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