3 easy ways to connect with your kids

May 17, 2022

I walked into my teenage daughter’s room yesterday and I was stunned to see how tidy it was.

Now believe me, it hasn’t always been that way and it got me thinking about the parenting long game.

What creates good habits in our kids?

  • Is it nagging at them to tidy up?
  • Threatening to take things away if they don’t?
  • Leading by example – if my room is clean, they’ll want theirs to be?
  • Doing it for them as you can’t bear to see it in a mess?

I’ve done most of the above, except the threatening to take stuff way, but I realised that the most effective thing to do is:

Keep connecting and keep the channels of communication open

 So what does that have to do with a tidy room?

Alice and I have chatted about how good it feels when our room is tidy.

I've snuggled in her bed and we've bonded by watching funny stuff on You Tube.

I've commented and praised her when she does tidy up.

All this really helps.

So watch my short video above to understand my 3 top ways to connect with your kids

I know what you’re thinking –

Ah, I’ll watch it another time. 

That’s fine.

It’s a good one though so I do encourage you to spend 2 minutes 47 seconds minutes watching it 

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