Here's one I made earlier....

behaviour management boundaries for kids confident kids dealing with tantrums helping kids with emotions independent kids Nov 06, 2021

In the past I've mentioned that my daughter Scarlett is working as a teaching assistant in her gap year (before starting university).

I love it when she tells me about situations with the children and that she used all the tools and strategies I taught her.

Not only am I so thrilled to know that these children are treated with compassion (which can often be missing in the school environment), but it also really confirms how long lasting the effect is and that you can pass on so many positives from generation to generation.

Last week I had a few days away with Scarlett. After so many years of the daily grind of parenting, I now feel so lucky to be able to have one on one time, knowing that everyone at home copes fine without me there.

We went down to Rye in East Sussex and had such a wonderful time walking on the beach and mooching around the shops.

This will be you one day so keep going - the effort you put in now, so pays off!

 We also went to meet Tess, who has been helping me in the business and runs our new facebook group My Parenting Village – do join and meet like-minded parents inside it. 

Tess suggested that she did a little ‘interview’ with Scarlett to find out what it was like being brought up by me and the impact it has had on her life.

Do watch it – give yourself 7 minutes to inspire you for the future. Tess calls it 'Here's one I made earlier!' - I've had some lovely comments on it - do hit reply and let me know what you think.

The funny thing is, my husband and I have always had a joke with each other using the made up word ‘Supportative’ instead of ‘Supportive’.

We never told Scarlett we’d made it up so she didn't realise and she uses it in the interview – so sweet!

So what else do I have to tell you?

Oh yes, a lot of people have been mentioning their children are struggling at the moment.

Here’s what I hear –

• They don’t want to go to school/nursery and are very slow in the morning.

• They have separation anxiety and don't want to be left.

• They’re having a lot of tantrums - refusing to do things, running off, fighting, kicking out.

• They’re resisting potty training or have regression and having accidents.

• At school, some are getting homework and reading every day, even for the reception aged kids – for many children this is totally overwhelming, and it causes a lot of stress.

 Do any of these things ring true with you? Join My Parenting Village, ask questions and get support.

If you’d like my specific help, do get in touch and arrange a free ‘discovery call’ which is a mini-consultation to explain how I could work with you privately.

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