Is my child being bullied?

Mar 06, 2022

A client messaged me this week asking for some help. My private clients (those on one of my premium packages get to email me anytime to ask me question).

Here’s the scenario:

George * came home from nursery and said: "Harry said I’ve got a chicken nose, why did he say that?"

 She wanted to know if this is bullying and how she should respond?

So, having gone back to her direct, I thought I’d make a video share my thoughts with you. In the video I describe:

  • Why kids say mean things
  • How to respond to your child
  • What classifies as bullying
  • And how to help your child respond to teasing or bullying

We all need support with issues like this. I hope you'll spend 3 minutes of your time to watch it.
At the end of the video I mention that you can book a free discovery call with me - here's the link

What else has been going on at My Parenting Solutions HQ?

I'm making great progress with my book 'Positive Potty Training - the nurturing parents step-by-step guide'. It's getting close to being published. I sent it to Rachel Kelly an author friend of mine who was also a former client. This was her feedback which made my heart soar
"Here’s why it’s so good. For a start, it is so attractively laid out and designed, matched by the ease and authority of the content. You give a real sense of who you're writing for - Parents who are really concerned about this key aspect of early childhood.
You show that you're alongside us, the reader, the parent, not criticising or judging but encouraging and supporting. It’s all in the gentle voice. Fascinating how potty training in miniature reflects so much of your philosophical wisdom and thoughts on parenting."

Here's a special offer. For anyone who purchases my mini video course "Get Set For Potty Training" in the next week will get a free copy of my book once it's out. How does that sound?

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